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connectutilities.com – Shop and Compare Utilities

  • September 23, 2007

connectutilities.comConnectUtilities.com is site that allows you to shop, compare and schedule the connection of your utilities and home services in one place, at one time, and within just minutes rather than hours.

They will electronically communicate your request to your selected providers just as if you had spent hours calling each individual provider yourself and providing your same information over and over again. Then you will be presented with all of the providers in a service category (such as Television or Phone). If the category is not the service that you are looking for, you can navigate to other categories by using the tabs on the top navigation. Once you have selected a service category, click Details and Pricing next to the provider (such as AT&T or Comcast) you want to learn more about or compare providers by checking the box next to each of the packages or offers you want to consider (up to three at a time) and click the Continue button. After you have reviewed their offerings, click the Continue button that relates to the service provider whose services you would like to purchase. Complete the order form with all the required information that the service provider needs to give you service. Click the Order button and your order will then be sent directly to the service provider. You can check your My Orders page for the status of your orders.

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