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Emusician.com – Electronic Musician

  • April 27, 2008

Emusician.comElectronic Musician is a magazine that is aimed for musicians who record and produce music at their personal studios or even in their own houses. At the site you will be able to find complete information about recording and live-performance equipment as well as electronic musical instruments.

What is more, you can also find the latest news about production hardware and software. Moreover, they make many investments in circulation and editorial so they can provide you with the most qualified resources for home-recording enthusiasts. If you want you can also subscribe to the magazine to recieve the printed version of EM. Some of the sections that you will be able to find here are reviews, tutorials, interviews, education, most popular and you can also get a bonus section that is not featured at the printed version. So if you want to have a great music resource filled with reviews and useful news then you should visit this site. Emusician.com

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