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Wanna TapMyBiz? First, Show Me Your Smartphone

Wanna TapMyBiz? First, Show Me Your Smartphone

If you’re still giving people your old, raggedy business cards, you should probably think of joining the 21st century. I’m not trying to be snarky here, I just think it’s time to check out the newest, coolest way of giving new people your business contact info. Hello TapMyBiz. TapMyBiz uses NFC technology…

Read More – Meet. Click. Connect. offers a new product called the MingleStick, which is an “electronic business card” that enables people to quickly exchange contact information with each other. Within the context of a tradeshow or convention, it’s a simple and easy way to connect with numerous people throughout the day. The MingleStick is a small, single button device. On one end is an infrared sensor which sends and receives wireless information, and...

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