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GolfCarPortal.com – Online Resource For Golf Carts

  • June 12, 2008

GolfCarPortal.comGolf Car Portal is a website that focuses in golf carts. They are committed to provide the best marketing needs for the electric and gas golf cart industry.

You can start your search by looking for the accessory that you need; you can choose between, steering wheels, battery chargers, cart covers, and turf equipment, among many other things. This website can also help you get in touch with a dealer, if you want to purchase this kind of vehicle. You can locate dealers by state, by vehicle tape, or by manufacturer. It is important to protect your golf cart from any possible accident. At GolfCarPortal.com you can obtain information about insurance for these kinds of vehicles. This company has a newsletter, where they inform about the latest updates in this industry. You can submit your email if you want to receive it. Remember Golf Car Portal whenever you need help with any topic related to your golf cart. GolfCarPortal.com

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AustinEV.org – Austin Electric Vehicle Association

  • May 14, 2008

AustinEV.orgStart doing something for the environment and your karma count by visiting this site, home for a group of Austin-residents who own electric vehicles and want to spread the word about them. By visiting the site, users will be able to discover the advantages of this technology, take a look at a gallery of cars, and read news about electric vehicles being used in Austin, Texas and around the world.

Also very cool about the site is that it provides a list of EV dealers and repair shops in Austin, plus a marketplace where you can get in touch with other users who are selling theirs. If you are wondering about converting your vehicle to electric power, don’t miss the ‘Building an EV’ section, where you’ll find introductory articles to gain some insight and evaluate the possibilities and advantages of conversion over buying an original EV. If you want to hear about EVs from the owners, it could be a good idea to try the ‘member’ area to discover a directory of local owners and their blogs. AustinEV.org

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Hammerheadoffroad.com – Motorcycle & Off Road & Electronic Vehicle Dealer

  • October 17, 2007

This website belongs to a manufacturer of motorcycles, off road and electric vehicles. By entering this site you will be able to take a look at the featured products.

On the site of Hammer Head you will find three different sections regarding the vehicles available for sale. On the On Road section you will find a vast collection of different motorcycles, parts and accessories.

The Off Roads category contains the inventory of all terrain recreational vehicles and go karts. Each product has a complete technical card with all the specifications of the engine and capability of the vehicle and illustrative pictures.

On the section for Electric Vehicles you will find the latest launch of the multi purpose electrical vehicle, very similar to the classic golf carts. Read the pricing and financing programs available for your purchases online.

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