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Urbanscooters.com – Electric and gas powered Scooters

  • March 13, 2008

Urbanscooters.comGoing to school if you are over 16 or going to the office was never that simple and comfortable. Instead of going by bus, subway or with your mum or wife now you can afford a scooter or bike among a wide selection of electrical, gas scooters, electric bikes, push scooters and pocket bikes, unique in the web.

Find the scooter or bike of your dream at the first destination of discounted motor scooter brands. UrbanScooters.com features all the best selling electric and gas powered scooters you can imagine. This online marketplace grants a large showcase of alternative transportation and recreational vehicles and this showcase keeps growing and growing every day. Subscribe for free mailing list and browse the tempting catalog of discounted scooters, bikes, parts and accessories. Great to know that they provide free shipping on all orders places within US and all products get delivered in 1 to 5 days. Time to say goodbye to the school bus or to spend so much money on fuel for you car, get this alternative transportation vehicle and have some fun while riding. Urbanscooters.com

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