ElectNext.com – Vote For The Best Candidates

  • November 30, 2011

ElectNext.comA site that does for politics what eHarmony does for online dating, ElectNext lets you know more about all the candidates for the upcoming elections. In the same way that eHarmony lets you find people to date that are a really good match, ElectNext couples you with these candidates that share your very same ideals, and nothing else.

ElectNext manages to do that by asking you a couple of questions about these issues that matter the most to you. The site will use the answers that you provide to figure out which candidates are more like you, and point you to them. And ElectNext.com can deliver timely notifications whenever election dates and deadlines draw near, too.

A site like this one is really valuable because it’s got what it takes to put an end to voting for candidates just because they belong to your political party. Something like ElectNext can let you make much better-informed decisions, and find a true reason to vote for someone. At the end of the day, sites like this one are what go into creating a truly developed civic identity.

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AEC.gov.au – Australian Electoral Commission

  • November 9, 2011

AEC.gov.auFor residents of Australia, AEC.gov.au allows them access to information and tools from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). The AEC is in charge of organizing and supervising federal referendums and elections. They are a federal government agency and they also maintain the Commonwealth Electoral Roll, (a list of registered voters for a particular area, in this case, Australia). The Electoral Commissions in each territory and state also use the electoral roll maintained by the AEC to conduct their own elections. The AEC was established in 1902 and they also oversee industrial voting and electoral education.

Visitors to AEC.gov.au may enroll to vote, check their enrollment, change their address, or change their name. Enrolling to vote entails completing a form, printing it, signing it, and mailing it to the AEC. Enrollment is valid for federal as well as state / territory and local government elections. Once the AEC receives and processes the form, the voter will be notified that they have been enrolled and are eligible to vote. Should voters be ensure if they are enrolled or not, they may check their enrollment on AEC.gov.au as well but entering their name and address. Change of address and change of name may also be done via a form from the AEC website (which also needs to be printed and mailed in to the AEC).

AEC.gov.au also offers extensive election information, including an Elections overview, Parliamentary Committees, Australian electoral history, Federal Elections, Information for Candidates and Scrutineers, By-elections and supplementary elections. Additional election information available through the website includes Referendums, Industrial Elections, Protected Action Ballots, and Fee for Service Elections and Torres Strait Regional Authority Elections. AEC.gov.au further offers a variety of education materials for teachers, students, and the general public. AEC.gov.au

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Elect.io – Electoral Information At Your Fingertips

  • October 29, 2010

Elect.ioThis is the first site that I review concerning the upcoming 2010 mid-term elections, and I am sure that it is not going to be the last. What Elect.io does is to provide you with a full profile for each and every candidate. You will be able to read their biographies, their professional resumes, their past political appointments and know exactly which one stands on these issues that are important to you.

That is accomplished via an algorithm that can extrapolate the position of the candidate based on the ratings that he has received from Special Interest Groups along with other outside data. And Elect.io goes as far back as three decades. It should provide you with quite an accurate appreciation of the actual perspective of most (if not all) candidates.

As it currently stands, Elect.io can track all US National and State elections. It can likewise keep track of specific regional races. Check the site personally to see if the one that you particularly have in mind is featured – a mere search using the provided interface will show you.

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BallotBook.com – Learn Who Is Running For Office

  • October 7, 2010

BallotBook.comAs pitiful as it is, we often are completely ignorant of who is running for office when local elections come around. We might not even be acquainted with the names on the ballot, let alone know about their plans for solving these local issues that beset us all.

Picking one out ends up being a very random process. And that shouldn’t be like that under any concept – after all, we are talking about an elected representative.

Someone realized that, and came up with this nice application. Simply put, Ballot Book will let you know the names of those who are running for office in the next local elections, and also what they plan to do in the event they are elected. That is certainly nice, and what is even nicer is that you are also provided with a feed in which you can read what other community members are saying about them.

As a result, the site gives you both the facts and the opinions regarding the candidates who are running for office. If that doesn’t let you make your mind up more easily, then I just don’t know what will.

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Politics.com – Comprehensive Political Coverage

  • October 29, 2008

Politics.comAs it is easy to appreciate from its name, this portal is a source of political information that caters for those who reside in the United States. The site itself is brimming with contents of every denomination which are submitted by site users.

These range from news reports and videos, to links to blogs which cover similar ground. A list of top blogs is likewise featured on the main page, along with the most recent articles which are posted online. These are also rated by users.

Of course, a sizable portion of the site’s contents are devoted to the elections, and the final thoughts on what has been a memorable build-up can be read online. You can read opinions ranging far and wide, and this confluence of different viewpoints makes for a very enlightening experience.

Videos are also prominently featured, and they can be watched in an instant manner, without need to download or install anything. Again, most of the featured videos lean on the serious facet of the current elections, but relief is provided by some humorous highlights like “Dr. Seuss: The Vet Who Did Not Vet” and so forth.

At the end of the day, this online resource stands as an excellent option for those who wish to debate over the web and find a home for their political stances. Direct your browser to Politics.com for further information.

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1MillionFacesForObama.com – Show your Face in Support

  • October 7, 2008

1MillionFacesForObama.comIn this very unique election year, supporters of presidential candidate Barak Obama are finding new way to show their presidential hopeful their support. This website is just one of the ways that people are getting involved and showing who they believe in.

1MillionFacesForObama.com is a website dedicated to showing photographs of those people who are supporting the Democratic candidate. The site allows users to upload their face photo to the 1MillionFacesForObama.com collage in support of Barack Obama. People are desperate to find new ways to show their support during this particular election. 1MillionFacesforObama.com is a simple, quick and easy way to do just that. All you have to do to get your picture on the Barak Obama support collages that are displayed on the site is simply to sign up for free and upload any photograph of yourself so that everyone can see who your chosen candidate is. If you want to show your support for Obama, check out this site and join the many others who have already signed up. 1MillionFacesForObama.com

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PoliticalIQ.com – Search Political Videos On Your Terms

  • October 7, 2008

PoliticalIQ.comPolitical I.Q.

is an innovative video search tool that will change the way you search for political video. Political I.Q.

features the largest collection of syndicated political video available online with only professionally produced video from our content partners, elected officials, candidates, parties and special interest groups. The unique tool translates video into searchable content, allowing users to both find what they are looking for and to locate the specific place within the video where it happens.

In addition to viewing video on POLITICALIQ.COM, our Political I.Q.

video tool is embedded on many of the most popular news Web sites.

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Uselectionatlas.org – Presidential Election Information

  • July 16, 2008

Uselectionatlas.orgThis year is going so see some changes in the political landscape of America. George W.

Bush is finishing his second term in office and we will soon have a new leader in the worlds most powerful and influential country. The race to the White House this year promises to be a close run affair, if you are not sure which way the balance of power is tilting at the current time and would like to learn more about the polls, predictions and both the Democratic and Republican Primaries then there is a web site that has been designed in such a way that understanding the information is easier. The web site can be found at www.uselectionatlas.org, this site provides its visitors with a range of color coded United States atlas’s that clearly show visitors the story so far. The site also contains information on political elections and gives links to other related web sites. Uselectionatlas.org

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Ccrd.info – Cook County Recorder Of Deeds

  • July 7, 2008

Ccrd.infoCcrd.info is an informational website that Eugene “Gene” Moore, the Cook County’s Recorder of Deeds has put at your disposal.

This means this site has the objective of providing citizens in general with useful public information they can take advantage of. Here you will be able to access plenty of public documentation you have the right to reach, read, and use within the limits of law. Documents you will find in this website include fees, mail-in recording, forms, and most varied original documents. Besides, the site provides users with some useful online services, such as a research service that allows them to dig in history by carrying on historical or genealogical investigation. To browse these and other services’ information you should access the links on the left hand side of your screen, where you can also get birth, death, divorce, and marriage records, as well as surveys, election results, and more. Ccrd.info

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BlackBoxVoting.org – Election Watchdog Groups

  • July 4, 2008

BlackBoxVoting.orgBlack Box Voting is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that represents the official consumer protection group for elections. Funded by citizen’s donations, the organization considers itself as America’s election watchdog group.

It focuses on providing voters with assistance in many election-related areas, such as voting, conflicts of interest, electronic vote-tampering, and others. It has a strong commitment to make voting a valuable and patriotic characteristic of citizens. To that end, through this site it offers many useful tools to enable people to be conscious when it comes the time to vote, and to collaborate to stopping election injustices. By accessing the Get Tool Kit on the left hand side of your screen you can get for free a public service from Black Box Voting: the 2008 tool kit, a pocket guide t election protection, including the top 5 things you can do to stop election theft. Also check the site’s forum, where you can discuss and get advice about election topics. BlackBoxVoting.org

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PoliticsWest.Com – Politics West From The Denver Post

  • June 30, 2008

PoliticsWest.ComPoliticsWest.Com is a website devoted to provide all kind of information related to Politics.

It is the online crossroads of politics in the Rocky Mountain West. To publish your comments on this website simply register to the About Us category located at the right hand side of the homepage, and you will receive an e-mail with sign-on instructions. In order to receive PoliticsWest news alerts by text message to your mobile phone, sign up with your phone number and carrier. But if you want to receive PoliticsWest news alerts by e-mail, sign up with your e-mail address in the box available at the same section. These are three separate registrations; you can do any or all of them. You can browse this website by its many categories located at the top of the homepage, including Home, 2008 Election, Gang Of Four, Western Politics, Democratic National Convention, Tools that includes interactive tools on various aspects of the 2008 election, and Mad Voter. PoliticsWest.Com

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VotePinellas.com – Are You Ready To Vote?

  • June 6, 2008

VotePinellas.comVotepinellas.com is visited by those who are looking for information about Pinellas County elections. If you visit this website, you can find information about voters registration and election polls. You can also search for data regarding the candidates for election of the Republican party and the Democrat party.

Votepinellas.com was created to provide voters of Pinellas County with voting information. You can get data about the election day, and learn how to vote. You can register to vote in the upcoming elections in Pinellas County. Voting information is available as well, in addition to election polls and election days data. You can search for voters registration data and other voting resources.

Feel free to stop by Votepinellas.com to get voters registration information. You can find data about election polls, and check the voting days. Additionally, the official site of Deborah Clark Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections contains data about the candidates for election. VotePinellas.com

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Votesmartflorida.org – Be Informed About The Elections

  • May 12, 2008

Votesmartflorida.orgDo you live in Florida? If you do, then Votesmartflorida.org might be a useful site for you to visit. That is because it features information on everything regarding elections in Florida and it can give you details about proposed constitutional amendments, as well. Also, you can learn how to register to vote.

Votesmartflorida.org was created to provide Florida residents with information and resources about local elections. You can stop by this website to learn about Florida voting registration laws and to search for voting registration forms, too. In addition, it is possible for you to find where to vote in Florida.

Votesmartflorida.org is often visited by Florida residents looking for Florida election news. You can also use it to search for Florida election results, with just a click. To sum up, if you are in Florida and you want to find out all about local elections, this website can be of your interest. Votesmartflorida.org

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Politikia.com – Get Political

  • May 4, 2008

Politikia.comPolitikia, as you may have guessed, deals in politics. It’s a site for the times.

So if you’ve got an opinion on Obama, Clinton, gay marriage, the Iraq war, mosey down over to Politikia. It’s a forum for discussion, articles and political discourse. It’s part wiki, part social networking, but with a slightly more democratic approach. All motions to change or add information have to go before the community at large who votes for or against the change. For example, take the Iraq war. All the positions are listed: stay the course, or withdraw the troops. You can see the major candidates’ view, add your own opinion and discuss. Simply join. The account is free.

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Democraticstuff.com – Democrat Election Merchandise

  • April 22, 2008

Democraticstuff.comAre you interested in the political situation in your country? Have you been following the race to be the next president of the United States of America? If you have chosen where your loyalty lies and you consider yourself to be in support of the Democratic Party as a whole, or one of there two candidates in particular, then you may want to let everybody else know where your support lies. www.

democraticstuff.com offers you the chance to by merchandising relating to the Democratic Party and there candidates. The site offers you American made clothing, buttons, stickers, lapel pins and charms, drink ware, signs and banners, supporter packs and other unique items. The site is well designed and all the products come with a photo and description. The shopping cart facility makes purchasing multiple items a lot easier for you. Once you have purchased your items you can check out the latest news on the two Democrat candidates via the links provided. Democraticstuff.com

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Skewz.com – Read and Rate the Bias of Political News

  • April 13, 2008

Skewz.comSkewz.com is an open forum that allows for the open exchange of opinion and information on current political issues.

Users are encouraged to participate and share their perspectives, which adds to the knowledge that is exchanged. The site is simple to navigate, and the concept is easy to understand. Furthermore, with the U.S. presidential election close, this site has potential to take off, as users continue to share stories on candidates and election happenings.

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AmericanResearchGroup.com – Campaign Polls

  • March 12, 2008

AmericanResearchGroup.comAt this point in the campaign, and after so much has been said, calculated, analyzed and blabbered over, campaign-related news and sites become more and more evocative of that of an astrologer’s. Thus AmericanResearchGroup.

com is like an oasis in the desert: in this site you’ll find just raw data, statistics, polls, and demographics on voters and their preferences for one candidate over the other. You can search the site by state, or by Democrat or Republican Party polls, and when you are looking into that you get information on the sample size and dates of the polls, and even the original script of the questions used by interviewers, so you can make sure that there is no bias on the way the questions were asked. This open-business system seems very important when it comes to this kind of market research, and thus it is quite strange that the site does not display any self-referential information (no About Us, FAQs or Company Background sections), thus raising the question about the objectivity and reliability of the information on display. AmericanResearchGroup.com

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FreedomSpeaks.com – Get Political

  • March 7, 2008

FreedomSpeaks.comIn light of the upcoming presidential elections and the ongoing heat of the democratic primaries, you may find yourself hearing, thinking, and talking about politics a lot more than usual lately. FreedomSpeaks.

com offers you a place to take political action if the ballot box isn’t enough. It’s a free, non-partisan network for individuals, interest groups, and politicians, where you can discuss political topics, find information, and learn how to take action. This site will provide you with the name, website, and various means of contacting your elected officials, from your local alderman to your senator on Capitol Hill. Furthermore, Freedom Speaks will help you compose a letter to one or more of your elected officials about the issues you care about – whichever side you’re on – and with a few clicks, they will send out your letter via both email and fax.

FreedomSpeaks.com’s homepage features “Most Active” lists, to show you the site’s most popular Political News, Issues & Topics, Letters, and Citizens (members of FreedomSpeaks.com).

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VoteOften.us – Find Out What Is Hot In Politics

  • February 6, 2008

VoteOften.usAre you a politics junky? If so, then VoteOften is the site for you. VoteOften is an online community that keeps you up to date with all the latest political news and lets you voice your opinion.

VoteOften gathers stories from reputable new sources and lets you vote on their significance and credibility. You can also judge whether or not you believe stories sway a bit too far to the left or right. Rate the 2008 presidential candidates and keep track of how your friends are voting on the site. You even have the option to submit your own articles. Registered members can fine tune their accounts so they receive the articles and discussions that interest them most.

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