Seniorshelpingseniors.com – Seniors Help For Seniors

  • September 10, 2009

This is the official site of Seniors Helping Seniors. This organization offers in-home care services to seniors since 1998. If you need senior care, on Seniorshelpingseniors.com you will find many resources and information regarding the in-home care services offered.

On Seniorshelpingseniors.com you can learn about the in-home care services, and elder home care services provided. Additionally, on this site you can read about the health care givers, and learn how to become a helper and supplement your income. Some of the in-home services offered include cooking, shopping, mobility assistance, and health care services.

In conclusion, if you are looking for elder home care services feel free to stop by Seniorshelpingseniors.com. On this site you will find information about health care givers and how to become a helper, as well as information regarding the senior care services. You can contact them if you need in-home care services for seniors or elder home care services.

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OurParents.com – Helping Families With Aging Parents

  • May 31, 2009

OurParents.comDo your parents need assisted living facilities? Would you like to find information about Alzheimer’s care? If that is so, feel free to stop by Ourparents.com. On the official website of Our Parents you can also find a list of senior care providers in the different states of the United States.

Apart from that, in case you want to learn more about rehabilitation nursing services, you should take a look at Ourparents.com. Are you looking for hospitals near your home? Would you like to find senior care providers? If that happens to be true, this site might be a good option for you to find hospitals in Brooklyn and Texas homes health.

To sum up, next time you are looking for a useful site when it comes to finding assisted living facilities and information about Alzheimer’s care, as well as learning more about rehabilitation nursing services, you should give Ourparents.com a try.

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Aging-Parents-And-Elder-Care.com – Helping People

  • July 25, 2008

Aging-Parents-And-Elder-Care.comThis site was created for all those who are looking for reliable information to plan ahead for an elderly loved one, or family member, who will need love and care in the future. If you step in and become a caregiver, for a short period of time or a long one, this site can be your source of information and support.

In the First Steps section you can check out advice that will help you at the beginning of the care giving journey. In the Checklists section, you will find a list of the main topics available in this site. This includes all about elderly driving, home safety, prescription drug reference and much more. In the Daily Living section you can find photos and information on a wide variety of products available for seniors, medical equipment and home health care products among others, Links to online stores containing these products are also provided by this site. Aging-Parents-And-Elder-Care.com

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Seniorhelpers.com – Elderly Care Services

  • June 23, 2008

Seniorhelpers.comSeniorhelpers.com is a site where you can find data about the In Home Senior Care, a business specialized in providing in home senior care services and elderly care home services. Senior helpers offers special care for senior people that are alone.

On Seniorhelpers.com you will find all the information you need to know about this business and the senior care services they provide. On this site you can read about the different care agencies in your area for you to choose from, as well as hospice care homes and senior care homes in your city.

Are you interested in senior care homes? Would you like to find homes for seniors? If that happens to be the case, this site will be useful. ON Seniorhelpers.com you can find details about senior care agencies in Maryland area. Therefore, if you are looking for senior care homes and senior care services, feel free to visit this site. Seniorhelpers.com

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TheRubins.com – A Guide For Seniors

  • June 13, 2008

TheRubins.comThis informative web puts together in one place different resources for senior citizens. You can find books, books reviews and links that cover subjects of crucial importance as health and preventive care, aging process and assisted living.

However, health is not the only subject that interest elders, legal matters also count. Therefore, there are special sections for Social Security, Legislation, Medicaid and Medicare benefits. The helpful ideas section as well as the discounts section tries to put as handy as possible tips and data that can make life easier and more enjoyable. This web goes directly to the point, listing the resources available and useful for senior citizens. You can browse TheRubins.com easily, leave your comments, and receive advice. TheRubins.com lists, as a public service, free seminars or lectures that deal with aging.
If you are a senior citizen, a caregiver or someone who simply loves them, you will find that this web site provides information that could be useful for you or your beloved ones. TheRubins.com

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NursinghomeGrades.com – Find Local Nursing Homes

  • June 11, 2008

NursinghomeGrades.comChoosing to relocate a loved one to a nursing home is usually a tough decision, as is finding one where you can trust he or she will be well cared for. Thanks to NursinghomeGrades.

com you can take the guesswork out of the deciding process: this site is a directory of assisted living and retirement homes listing facilities throughout the nation, and proves details on government reports for each of them. You can start searching for a home by clicking on a state and then go on to browse the providers for each area; homes are listed on a Google Map so you can see is there are any hospitals nearby, plus you can read how many beds are available, how many people live in the home, find out about nursing qualifications and how much time a day they spend with each patient. Also very interesting is that you can learn if the home participates in any health insurance program and read administration details which will let you know if the home owner also runs any other homes. Surveys listing general health condition of residents can be read on the site, as reviews detailing general security issues, nutrition guidelines, pharmacy service and overall care quality. NursinghomeGrades.com

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AgingCare.com – The Community For Caregivers

  • June 9, 2008

AgingCare.comAgingCare.com is the premier community website for caregivers to the elderly, which was created to demonstrate the commitment to the needs of this growing population, passionately providing means of connecting those within the care community in order to diminish the feeling that they are alone in their plight; with a determined mission that will enhance the lives of caregivers by creating the most expansive community of support, easy access to examined resources, progressive product information and unique, original content to assist them in making the most informed choices for the elderly.

You will find within this site many sections, such as Alzheimer: Dealing with Extreme Moods, Watching For Sundowner Syndrome, Men as Caregivers, Adult Day Care: Respite for Caregivers, and many other sections, such as News for Caregivers, Featured Products, where you will find eye drop dispensers, Levo book-holder, portable oxygen concentrator, Medi rub foot massager, Residale lift chair, and many other products. AgingCare.com

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Miralax.com – Renew Your Body

  • June 3, 2008

Miralax.comWere you an active child? Were you always up and about playing sports? Were you one of those teenagers that couldn’t sit down for long periods of time, that just had to get all their energy out in one go? If you were an active teen or child then you are probably feeling the effects of that energetic lifestyle now. As the years catch up with you, you start to feel the negative effects of your body deteriorating.

How can you take control of you body when you get old? How can you make your body work as fast as your mind does? There’s a new product out there that is like a miracle worker for you and you elderly spouse. The product is called Miralax. The official website of the Miralax product is Miralax.com. Miralax is a new medicine designed to help the elderly with cramps, gas, and other problems. Miralax takes away those nasty cramps, that bad gas, and allows you to live in comfort and control. If you’re in need of a massive energy boost, enjoy the Miralax experience today by ordering your bottle online at Miralax.com. Miralax.com

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Actonel.com – Osteoporosis Prevention Medicine

  • May 15, 2008

Actonel.comWere you an active child? Did you play until you dropped to the floor and couldn’t lift a muscle? Many young children can’t be stopped. They are always s running around and they’re hard to catch up with.

Do you remember what you were like when you were little? Ah, the good old days. Unfortunately, after many years of an active lifestyle your bones start to deteriorate and the cartilage between your bones starts to decrease. These sicknesses are very common in elderly people and are very hard to cure after they have already developed in the human body. The best thing to do is to prevent it. How? With ACTONEL. At ACTONEL they believe that just because your body doesn’t want to keep up with your mind, that doesn’t mean you have to slow down. With the innovative medicine that ACTONEL has invented, you can increase bone strength with less chance of an osteoporosis related fracture. Osteoporosis can be painful; don’t let it get a hold of you. Join ACTONEL at Actonel.com and prevent osteoporosis now. Actonel.com

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GilbertGuide.com – Quality of Care. Quality of Life.

  • April 15, 2008

GilbertGuide.com – Quality of Care. Quality of Life.Now seniors and their loved ones can find everything they need at one online destination. GilbertGuide.

com makes it easy and rewarding for seniors and their loved ones to find quality senior care providers and get vital, practical information and guidance. The Web site features 8 in-depth learning centers and over 20 expert columns with over 500 articles—and that number is growing by the week. No topic is too practical or sensitive, too small or too big. Consumers can come to GilbertGuide.com to create a customized care plan to help them define their needs, review tips and checklists to help them evaluate providers, or receive comprehensive legal and financial guidance. GilbertGuide.com offers the largest national provider database online, so seniors and their caregivers can find quality options in every state in the country. Plus, they can set up their own “My Gilbert Guide” page to keep track of favorite providers as well as articles and information they may want to return to.

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Dynamic-living.com – Making Daily Chores Easier

  • April 7, 2008

Dynamic-living.comHere’s an experience everyone can relate to: losing good 10 minutes in the morning trying to locate the car keys. Make your life easier by visiting this eCommerce site, where you’ll be able to find a huge variety of gadgets and appliances which can help you deal with mishaps everyone has, and others which may originate in medical conditions or overweight, plus items which can help keep kids safe, like alarms and locks for medicine cabinets.

The kind of stuff you’ll be able to find in this site is simplified remote controls, standing aids, home appliances with big displays, reminder systems and organizers, emergency phones and related stuff. The site is designed in a way that it makes searching for items really easy, as you can look for stuff sorted out into ‘difficulties’ areas, like bathroom, car, kitchen, and more, or you can look for stuff that can help you deal with special disabilities, like hearing, vision or special sizes equipment. Dynamic-living.com is also a good place for caregivers to shop, as not only will they get security needs and gadgets to make daily chores easier, but they’ll find extensive information on providing care for the elderly and ill. Dynamic-living.com

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Emeritus.com – Emeritus Assisted Living

  • February 26, 2008

Emeritus.comEmeritus.com is the official site of Emeritus Assisted Living, a place which provides living accommodations and services for elderly people.

The site offers information about this place and the services provided such as hobby and game clubs, guest lectures and performers, transport to church, events, doctors and much more. In case you are interested, you can check out the sample activity calendar provided. Learn about the special programs that Emeritus Assisted Living has, as well as the investors. If you are looking forward to working with them, you can check out the employment section which will guide you through the whole process. A both sophisticated and engaging display along with a simple yet effective layout put together this beautiful page that can turn out to be a great tool. Check it out at Emeritus.com! Emeritus.com

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Caring.com – Helping You Help Your Aging Parents

  • December 4, 2007

Caring.comCaring for an aging parent or relative can be a daunting task, to say the least. Between legal matters and personal issues, the stress put upon you while you’re trying to help out an elder loved one can be unbearable.

For this reason, Caring.com has created a community with the wisdom experienced caretakers targeted toward those who are facing challenges in regards to caring for aging relatives. On this site, you’ll find a variety of helpful articles and tools that will guide you through everything from housing to finance to health issues. You can browse topics of concern by category, tag or by keyword, or you can access the answers to the most commonly asked questions featured at the top of the Caring.com homepage. Can’t find the answer to your question? Simply ask your own to receive replies from the Caring.com experts and community. The site also features a news sections which brings you the latest information and updates in regards to aging and caretaking. You don’t need to sing up for the site in order to use many of the features, but creating an account will allow you to answer the questions of others and create your own profile.

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ENURGI.com – Health Care at Home

  • November 1, 2007

A web-based healthcare company aiming to cover the whole country, Enurgi uses technology to connect families with local caregivers in the US. Enurgi lets you manage the healthcare process like never before, as you can handle just everything using your home computer. As a user of Enurgi.com, you can do everything from looking up physicians and scheduling appointments to paying them afterwards using PayPal.

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