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ElderScrolls.com – Official Elder Scroll Games Site

  • January 27, 2008

ElderScrolls.comElderScrolls.com is the official website of one of the most popular RPG game to date, Oblivion IV.

Apart from all kinds of screenshots, patches and news you can find information for previous versions of the elder scrolls saga like shivering isles, morrowind, bloodmoon, tribunal, TES travels and TES contruction set. You also have a section dedicated to art and a forum for you to join the Elder Scrolls gaming community. In addition there is all kinds of patches and plugins at the download section which improve and fix game vulnerabilities. If you are an RPG fan and haven´t checked this game out yet, we highly recommend you to do so, It´s lots of fun and at ElderScrolls.com you will find everything you need to know related to their gaming saga. ElderScrolls.com

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