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UESP.net – Unofficial Elder Scrolls Fan Site

  • February 7, 2008

UESP.netUesp.net delivers all kinds of information related to Elder Scrolls series of video games, it is an unofficial fan site with tons of quite useful information, resources and tools for you Elder Scrolls gaming needs.

You can also help out the web site by getting started as an editor or by reading over the help files. At the left menu you can find the following categories main page, featured articles, recent changes, random page, how to contribute, help files, all games, arena, daggerfall, battlespire, redguard, morrowind, tribunal, bloodmoon, oblivion, shiverting isles, tamriel, community portal chatroom, forum and links. In order to participate of the forum message boards you must create your own account first free of charge. There is also a blank search box that you can use to quick find any Elder Scroll related article. UESP.net

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