ElasticTheme.org – Modifying WordPress Themes

  • April 9, 2010

ElasticTheme.orgElastic is a new service that aims to revolutionize the way that people have traditionally conceived WordPress themes. I don’t know if it can effectively get that far, but it will let those who are not proficient from a technical point of view gain a better insight on the way the famed blogging platform operates.

You see, the site makes the edition of themes a real doddle. Simply by using your mouse you will be capable to delimitate and edit areas that are eventually saved to become a new template, and that new template is something that is usable by just every person you decide to share it with.

As an application, Elastic is entirely free to use. You can get the latest version on the website, and even proceed to beef it up in the event you are a programmer. If that is the case, I must also remind you to give the section entitled “Documentation” a very good glance beforehand. After all, the nuances of the system are described there in as detailed a way as you might need.

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