eKudoz.com – Pay It Forward with eKudoz!

  • April 20, 2007

eKudoz.comPay it forward! eKudoz is a site where you can give kudoz to the people you know deserve it, and they in turn, pass 2 kudoz along to others. You can use this site to simply give kudoz, add comments and generally just make someone´s day.

The site philosophy is simple: someone does something good for you, and before you can find out who it was you must pass along the good deeds to two other people. The site idea is based off a Haley Joel Osmond movie, (and no, not the one where he sees dead people) so we have to assume that there is some great potential. This site can be utilized by anyone, of any profession. It´s a great way to make your work environment or friends and relatives aware of your warm feelings, making the web more full of goodness in contrast too a lot of the pointless web junk we view on a daily basis.

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