EkoVenture.com – Plan Your Next Trip Online

  • October 20, 2009

EkoVenture.comDo you need to get away for a while? Is taking a break the next item in your agenda? If that happens to be the case and you don’t really know where you could head to in order to completely disconnect yourself from the world, then the likelihood of this site helping you out is quite high.

This website (which has just launched) will enable you to find out about compelling things to do in any part of the world.

It actually claims to offer over 10,000 travel experiences and day activities. In order to find one that will be suitable for you, all you have to do is key in the activity that you are interested in along with the location that you have in mind. If the results that are produced do not meet up with what you had in mind, you can resort to an advanced search functionality – as long as you are a registered user, that is. That is called the “Guru” search, and gurus are these registered uses who are knowledgeable about this activity or the other. Registered users do also have the possibility to find deals and take part of contests.

All in all, the site strives itself to let you “explore the world, not the world wide web”. Does it live to such lofty goals? I advice you to give it a try at the address which is provided and arrive at your own conclusions.

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