Edosy.com – Online College Info & Course Materials

  • December 21, 2010

Edosy.comEdosy offers all the information that aspiring and current high school students in the US could ever need. Edosy has a really comprehensive database of universities spread the width and breadth of the country. Any person weighing up his possible options will be able to have a clearer insight of what to expect from any institution that he eventually decides to head down to.

On the other hand, those who are already studying at any of the featured colleges will be able to find and procure course materials more or less instantly. This includes both model papers and books.

Plus, job openings are listed in the relevant part of the site. From marketing and promotional positions to technically-oriented jobs, all the main professional areas are already covered more than satisfactorily.

And the site is excellently wrapped up by a section named Career Guidance in which posts covering all the main professional concerns for those who are just having their first work experiences are put in perspective.

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