More – Pay Per Click

  • October 28, 2007

eClickZ.comThis website is a bid-for-placement search engine, where you bid a certain number of cents you are willing to pay to have people come to your site. The more you pay, the higher you appear in their search.

What’s best is that you only pay for traffic you receive and there are no other fees. You will only be charged for traffic you receive. If you are paying 10 cents per click and receive 8 unique clicks, your account will be debited 80 cents, it’s that easy. You should know that if a visitor clicks on your entry multiple times in the same day, you will only be charged once. This company has special systems to make sure that you are only charged for unique clicks and not overcharged. Register for an account and then all you’ll have to do is choose how much you wish to pay per click for your sites link. The more you are willing to pay, the higher you will appear in their search engine. You may also create a description of your site for the keywords you chose.

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