More – Create Cards For Free

  • December 21, 2010

CardKarma.comWhat? You still have to get your Christmas e-cards together and begin sending them out? Well, that could never be a problem as long as you have a service like Card Karma around. Through this site, you can take any Flickr image or YouTube video and have it turned into a fine-looking card that can then be sent out as many times as you want, and to as many friends as you wish.

Using the site costs absolutely nothing. All that you are requested to do is pick the relevant media, type down the salutation that you want the card to bear and then save what you have created before sending it on its merry way.

Images can be added to the card both via the provided web interface, and by using the featured bookmarklet.

And just in case you need some ideas, the most recent cards that have been created are all found on the main page for you to see in which ways others are spreading their goodwill this holiday season.

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More – For The Creation Of Video & Music eCards

  • October 31, 2010

Easyhi.comThere are tons of sites where you can get eCards to send your friends and loved ones when any special date comes around. But there are times when these will not suffice, and you feel that something more powerful is needed. Well, next time you get that feeling make a point of checking out the Easyhi website. It will let you create your very own eCards, and have them delivered straightaway.

These can be created in lots of ways. For example, you can take your favorite YouTube video and have it transformed into a fully customized card. And you also use your webcam and record yourself in order to provide the finished ecard with that personalized touch that we all want to transmit when sending out a message.

Also, you can use your own music playlists and mixtapes when putting the card together. And it goes without saying that you can also use your own photos and images.

Using this site costs nothing. Nada. Nil. These services are provided to any person who wants to use them and send his regards to that special ones in the most vibrant way of all.

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More – Electronic Group Greetings

  • September 11, 2008

GroupCard.comBack in the day, people would pass around greeting cards around the office to give to someone in a special occasion. People would sign the card with motivational messages and it would be sent to the person.

Over at, you’ll be able to do just that, but through your computer. To get started, all you have to do is select a card design, add your message to it, and invite other people to participate. Once everybody is finished writing out their message, the card will be sent for the person to enjoy. It’s a great idea that had not been applied to other eGreeting services. There are many users who seem to think it’s the greatest thing since the wheel, and you can read their testimonies on the site. It’s something that everyone should try at least once, as it will make the person receiving the card feel extra special.

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More – Great Stuff For You Kids

  • May 30, 2008

Yummi-land.comDo you want to play free online games? You can visit to find tons of free online games for girls. Yummi Land offers many flash games you can play online for free. You can play the Soda Pop Girls game, along with Sweet Candy Girls games.

On you will find free online games developed by MGA Entertainment. On this website you will find many Yummi Land games you can play online. You can browse through this site to learn more about the Soda Pop Girls game. You can play online the Sweet Candy Girls game, in addition to other pop girls games.

You can play free online games if you stop by On this site you will find free online games from Yummi Land. You can play online for free the Soda Pop Girls game, in addition to Sweet Candy Girls game and other flash games for girls.

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More – Spanish Website Regarding eCards

  • May 19, 2008 is a website written in Spanish which has the tenderest eCards you will ever be able to find.

For instance, the Amor (Love) section features countless amounts of Flash based cards that are very cute. Other sections include Special Occasions, Broken Heart, and many, many more. When sending an eCard you will be able to personalize lots of stuff such as the font, font colour, background colour, stamp, music, and more. You also have the chance to change the delivery date of the card, send it, and just forget about the granny’s nephew of your boyfriend’s bar mitzvah. This is the perfect excuse if you do not remember a special date or just want to let your boyfriend know how much you love him (like I did when I entered the site). If you do not speak Spanish, let love lead your way. Might as well give it a try.

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More – Greet Somebody with a Drawing

  • February 5, 2008

Drawgreetings.comDo you have friends? Do you like to draw? Then Draw Greetings if perfect for you. The site lets you create a drawing using various shades and color schemes and then go on and write a personal message.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. It’s quick and incredibly easy. Once you’ve completed your personal drawing and message, you can email it directly to your friends or family or choose to go to and customize your drawing further and create a greeting card and have it sent in the mail.

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More – Real Feelings, Virtual Cards

  • September 11, 2007

Free-E-Cards-Online.comIf you are looking for free e-cards, you have come to the right place. You will find an extensive library of free e-cards including birthday cards, love cards, Christmas cards, etc.

More free e-cards are being added every month. This web site focuses on e-cards that express emotion, whether it be funny, romantic, sentimental, or other. For those of you who have trouble finding the right words to express your feelings, this site has strived to create e-cards that include your sentiments within the image itself. There’s also a free monthly e-card art contest, where everyone can participate with his own e-cards.

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More – Free eCards Staring You

  • June 19, 2007 is a new animated e-card site that offers its members the ultimate in personal customization. The services provided by this site give you the chance to make your own e-card with just a few clicks. By visiting this site, you will be able to learn how to make animated musical cards and other funny cards online.

On you will also be able to make birthday cards to send to your friends via e-mail, as well as to make other e-cards. The site will let you browse for e-cards, ranging from birthday cards and greeting cards, to funny cards and animated musical cards.

In addition to this, you will be able to use the official website of Mushy Gushy lets you make your own e-card to send custom cards to your friends and family. Therefore, whenever you are looking for a site where you can make greeting cards, stop by

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