Easysearchlive.com – New Search Engine

  • December 30, 2007

Easysearchlive.comHere comes, at long last, the ultimate search helper. Easysearchlive.

com is a search engine not unlike Yahoo or Altavista: browse one of the several categories, or type in your query into the searchbox. The results page is the same as any other, only it has some little advantages, like the Live View (preview area), which opens the site in a small window inside the search site (no cached stuff anymore!), as in that you can quickly scan the site and click through it without leaving the search results page, which can be particularly good for people who regularly scan the web looking for some particular thing, and for slower internet connections. Other than this, the search result area has a very handy button that opens the site in a new tab, thus avoiding to right click the link. Yet another advantage of Easysearchlive.com is that users can instantly mail an URL to up to five other people, without even having to register.

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