Checkthis.com – Post Your Content Online

  • January 30, 2012

Checkthis.comThere are times in which a tweet isn’t enough to share the way you’re feeling, but since you don’t have a blog to write a lengthy post you are also prevented from letting things out as naturally as you’d want. When that happens, you can to head down to Facebook and write a note, or post something in your timeline. But that only works if you have no problem with people like your bosses and colleagues reading what you’ve written. Which can easily happen, you might get carried away and forget to set who you want to share your post with.

Checkthis is a new platform which can keep that from happening ever again, and save you that uneasy feeling you get when walking through the office the next day and everybody sort of seems to be looking among themselves, smirking. Checkthis is a platform for the creation of anonymous posts. This service works both without registration and without installation. You can create posts denouncing anything you feel is wrong with the world, and (if you want to get more personal) you can also use Checkthis to share photos and media. The creator of CheckThis (Frederic della Faille) describes the service as a platform that lets you send “tweets with attachments”, and that definition certainly holds its own. Checkthis is exactly halfway in between Twitter and a blogging platform.

And Checkthis can also be put to commercial uses, as you can create classified ads and sell your own products and these items you no longer want through the site. You just have to upload a picture of the product you want to sell and set its price for the page to go live. You don’t even need to have a PayPal account. How’s that for ease of use?

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Tagmydoc.com – Instant document sharing

  • November 25, 2011

Tagmydoc.comWhen you were certain that document sharing would not be easier than what today’s technology allows, Tagmydoc.com comes to take this process a step further. Just sending e-mails with attached files to multiple recipients has become outdated since online sharing tools like Google Docs or Thinkfree came into the scene.

But still, whenever you met someone who wanted to obtain a copy of that document you had to ask him for his e-mail address anyway, and share it when you entered your online account, which could happen some time later.

With Tagmydoc.com, anyone who wants to get the document you have can get access to it immediately if he carries a mobile device. How? To understand fully the way it works you must first be aware of what are QR codes. They are a two dimensional image codes (as opposed to the classic bar code) that can be read by a QR scanner or any smart phone that has a small app installed to meet this function.

What Tagmydoc.com does then, is to insert an image of the squared code (a tag) in some corner of your computer files. Word processing documents, spreadsheets, and many more may be tagged. The printed copy of the file will include this QR code, so anyone who by any reason gets the document on paper can quickly access to a digital version just by scanning the code. Normally, digitally shared documents ended up printed on paper for different purposes. In this other way, document sharing can be done from the paper copy itself to get the virtual documents. And so, everyone interested can get their copy in real time, without waiting for the owner of the file to share it.

The website is easy enough to start using it right away and start tagging documents. However, you will find that signing up gives you more advantages, such as the possibility to upload and store all the tagged documents you want.

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Powetu.com – Sell Your Pictures Online

  • May 9, 2011

Powetu.comPowetu is where people can sell their creative photos the moment they have been taken. The site is designed as a community whose members can upload the images that they take using their mobile devices, and have them listed instantly for sale.

If others like what they have uploaded, then they can pay for them using PayPal. The uploader will get his well-deserved cash, and the buyer will get the goods (IE, the image or images) on the spot. Such is the magic of web-based transactions…

There is not a lot more to explain, as the site itself is one of the clearest I have seen in quite some time. The only other thing that definitely merits a mention is that images are uploaded to the site by using an application that you must get on the site. But that costs nothing, and installing it is a piece of cake. Only iOS is supported so far, but that is slated to change soon – watch this space…

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DoneCal.com – A Very Simple Calendar

  • December 19, 2010

DoneCal.comThe title of this review should be taken literally. DoneCal must stand as one of the simplest online calendar that you could set your eyes upon. It will let you mark down all these dates in which you are meant to do something, and the many different view options that are provided mean you can have an instant understanding of what is in store for the current day , the next week and even the whole month.

Additionally, you can share your calendar with whomever you want, in a read-only mode. You can have it shared with the rest of your family, with your colleagues, with the guys you play soccer with… that depends on what kind of calendar you intend to run.

Obviously, it is a little far-fetched to think that you would use this to arrange your professional activities when far more potent tools exist. But as far as personal matters go, I see no reason why you should not use it.

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Min.us – An Effortless Way To Create Online Galleries

  • October 20, 2010

Min.usPeople who want to share photos connected with any specific event, and who want to ensure that such a gallery will be accessible by just everybody are going to like this site. It is free to use, and it will let them get the job done in a drag-and-drop fashion.

A Min.us gallery is created merely by dragging these images that you want to be featured into the window that is provided. And once all the pictures have been added, you can proceed to order them as you see fit.

When the gallery is ready, the same can be accessed by every person with whom you share the unique URL that is generated.

The images that you upload can’t be larger than 7 MB, and the gallery itself can’t have more than 50 images. Also, bear in mind that the only image formats which are supported are jpg, bmp, gif and png. If you can live with that, then you are going to put this service to some very good uses.

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SimpleDiagrams.com – Creating Concise Diagrams

  • September 21, 2010

SimpleDiagrams.comThose who think that capturing a simple idea is a piece of cake have probably never tried doing it in real life. The truth is that simple ideas are often “simple” only to the one who has thought them up.

That person can see the way in which the idea connects to other concepts in his mind. The idea is “simple” when these associations are clear. And that is what turns communicating ideas into something problematic, in the end. We have to make the others see all these connections and associations.

That is always going to remain tricky, but applications such as Simple Diagrams are here to lend a hand. As its name implies, this particular tool can be used to express your ideas in a quick way. Using it, you can drag and drop many different symbols over different backgrounds such as whiteboards and chalkboards, and annotate everything in order to explain exactly what it is you want to convey.

Simple Diagram is a paid application that you have to download and install. It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, and all three versions are exactly alike in terms of features.

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gpEasy.com – A Very Simple Content Management System

  • June 4, 2010

gpEasy.comIn case you are looking for content management solutions for your company, Gpeasy.com could be the right site for you to visit. The services provided by this website give you the chance to create websites with a simple to use interface. Gpeasy.com offers a content management system and document management software that may be of your interest.

Are you looking for Joomla software or Joomla templates? Do you want to use Drupal on your website? If that is so, Gpeasy.com is a good option to keep in mind. On this website you will be able to download document management software, in addition to Xoops software and content management software for your website for free.

Remember Gp Easy CMS next time you need to be informed about the services this company offers, including Drupal solutions and Joomla software, as well as a content management system to help you create your website.

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TinyPay.me – Sell Whatever You Want Very Easily

  • April 16, 2010

TinyPay.meDo you have something you want to sell online? If that is the case, this might be an interesting option for you to keep in mind. By visiting TinyPay.me you will have the chance to sell whatever you want in a very easy and simple way. Are you looking for an easy way to sell online? Then, this might be the right site for you to visit.

TinyPay.me is the perfect platform for those who want to sell anything and avoid the hassle of setting up an online store. No matter if you want to sell gold jewelry, Omega watches, earrings or gold rings, you can visit this site and get all the data you need to sell your items online in a very easy way.

Therefore, if you are interested in selling different products online, you can visit this site to get the necessary data. Remember TinyPay.me next time you are looking for the easiest way to sell.

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SnURL.com – A Secure And Simple URL Shortener

  • December 31, 2009

SnURL.comURLs shorteners are useful for many people that need to make different URLs shorter in order to maximize the way they work with any of them. As you already know it could be very effective that you take any very long URL you can find over the web and make it shorter than what it might be so anybody can remember it in a fast and very simple way.

If I tell you that you will find a revolutionary solution that will change your life forever I would be lying to you. This is just another URL shortener you can tray Snurl.com as an alternative to your favorite one, or if you prefer you can turn it into your predetermined URL shortener.

The site is very clear and simple and you will find all the information you need to learn about it in a simple way. There are many other URL shortening services in the market that give you exactly the same services provided by Snurl.com. However, the main difference between this service and others is the fact that snurl.com is totally flexible and easy to be used by many people in different languages. Feel free to find more information about this service at Snurl.com

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Mota.com – Find the Car You Are After On The Spot

  • November 2, 2009

Mota.comIf you are interested in selling your car or buying a used one you can check this site. Mota is a company that delivers a convenient service for all those interested in finding the right car.

The company actually offers a convenient, secure and trustable service that might turn to be more suitable than the traditional used-cars sites.

One of the main differences between this site and its competitors is that it gives you the chance to finance the car you buy without having to do it through the (too) expensive or restrictive traditional methods.

Mota works simply enough because it uses a comprehensive database of car listings that is actually extracted from a large quantity used car sites. This company’s service is not just a mere aggregator, though, because Mota examines the data extracted from the car listings and it sets a number of questions you should ask the seller before you decide to buy the car.

Do you understand the difference? This service really helps you because it highlights a car’s possible weak points and you know everything you need about the car you are going to buy.

Another interesting thing about this service is that you have the cars you want to buy can be inspected by an independent repair shop to know if they are in shape or not. This is positive because it gives sellers and possible buyers the chance to have a clearer picture of the deal they are making.

If you want to sell you car, you do not have to worry about creating the listing because the system will make it for you in an effective and human-like way. In addition to many other features, this site makes a right use of social networking because it integrates with Facebook and MySpace. This startup made it to the Techcrunch 50 and you will learn more about it at www.mota.com.

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StrayerOnline.net – Strayer Online University

  • October 23, 2009


At Strayeronline.net you can access to your online student profile if you are taking courses at Strayer University. This will let you access all the information you need for a better management of your courses, such as enrolling to them or consulting your grades and examination results, among other activities.

Strayer University has a bunch of online courses also, through a system called Blackboard, that provides a very good platform in which you can enjoy this way of learning based on technology. Whether you take an online course or not, Blackboard will be useful as a resource for on campus courses anyway. This is because teachers may post assignments or schedule special classes apart from the regular time table. Don’t worry if at first you are not very familiar with the usage of the program, a tutorial is included online so that you can enjoy the best tips on how to get the most from it. Later on you will certainly get used to it and won’t be able to study or make your work without it.

What’s interesting is that this online software lets you study online both synchronized courses or non synchronized ones. While the first ones work with live broadcasts of the professors, the latter are based on recorder lectures.

Apart from providing you the best tools to enhance your learning experience, the Strayer University online account lets you check vital information concerning deadlines for applying for courses, see account status concerning payment fees at Strayer, and every other tool related to your life as a student.

So just visit Strayeronline.net to get the best way of getting through your student years. It is another way in which Strayer University gives a good level of educational services. This institution, which was founded in 1892 in Maryland as a business college, acquired University status in 1998.

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TaskCity.com – Online Project Management Tools

  • October 18, 2009

TaskCity.comThis is the site of an international IT outsourcing company especially created to reach the Chinese software market. As you might know economy has been drastically affected by a global crisis and companies need to find new ways to optimize the way they work.

That is why this is a service that was created to provide different kinds of companies with the help they need in order to carry global projects with a number of efficient management tools.

In this way, any company will be allowed to have access to a fitting management service that has been designed by highly qualified professionals. In case you want to transform your company into a successful enterprise this might be a good way for you to learn about how to get in touch with well known professionals that will provide you with the help your company needs.

Due to the fact that TaskCity was created by international professionals from all over the world, it is obvious that you will get a service that is flexible and adaptable to your requirements in relation to the market’s conditions. Therefore, if you have a small or medium-sized software business, and you want to work with bigger companies, this site will provide you with the data you need to accomplish that goal.

If having access to a number of advanced management tools and business contacts that will maximize your software company’s performance is what you need, Taskcity.com is a website to stop by.

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PanRaven.com – Share Your Life Experiences

  • October 18, 2009

PanRaven.comYou already know that there are moments in your life you would like to keep for ever. Do you want to make use of a service that gives you the possibility to capture, express, and share the best moments in your life through words, pictures, audio and video? In case your answer is positive I have good news for you because this online resource has come to save the day by allowing you to do that in a simple way both, online and in print.

It could be said that Panraven.com is a story-telling service especially created for you to find a place where you can store all your memories. The system is simple to deal with and gives you the opportunity to be benefited with a highly efficient and agile interface you can use to provide your images with great designs.

Among the many features you can find on this site is the ability to manage public content, in addition to a number of rich collaboration tools you can use to create and share image-books. The site is especially complete when it comes to giving you a clear explanation of the benefits you will receive by creating your image-books and the only way you can learn more about it is by stopping by Panraven.com.

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BiWord.com – New Alternative To Upload And Share Files

  • October 17, 2009

BiWord.comWhen it comes to storing files in different places you already know that there is a diversity of services that might be useful for you to do that in a simple and effective way. However, sometimes you do not get the service you expect and you get frustrated.

Biword.com has come to save the day by allowing users to have the chance of storing and sending their files in a whole new way.

No matter what kind of archives you might need to work with, it plausible that you can use this service in order to get the most out of the way you store them. The system will give you the possibility to share your files as well. You already know that there are many applications that are similar to this one, and since many people are increasingly attracted to these kinds of services it might be a good idea for you to explore different alternatives to learn about the many benefits you can get.

The fact that the site is quite minimalistic just makes it easier for you to upload and share any files. In case you want to get more information about this solution and start uploading your files, feel free to navigate through this site at Biword.com.

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Ideskapp.com – It Keeps Your Notes Simple And Organized

  • October 17, 2009

Ideskapp.comThis might be a good opportunity for you to make use of an effective system that aims to be helpful when it comes to writing many things down in order to remember them. In essence, this service was developed with the intention to work as an online notebook you can use with the intention of being well organized.

Simply and efficiently, this site provides you with an assorted range of data you will find useful in order to start enjoying the service’s benefits. You already know that it is always helpful to have a solution that assist you in order to get all your information organized as it should be so you do not forget about anything and you complete all your tasks on time.

In case you decide using this solution you will be able to create pages where you can place your notes, images, files, and much more. One attractive feature displayed by the system is the fact that you can keep all the data for yourself or if you like better you can share it with your friends, family, or co-workers, etc.

The site gives you the chance to learn how to take notes fast and simply, as well as to group all your reminders. Compatible with Jabber, GoogleTalk, GG and e-mail, Ideskapp.com is an efficient application you might consider as a good alternative to optimize the way you organize yourself.

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Tweetiez.com – Optimize Your Twitter Experience

  • October 17, 2009

Tweetiez.comTwitter is attractive to many users that want to interact and share information on a real-time basis. Nowadays Twitter is on of the most popular sites on the internet and it is being used by a wide variety of people all over the planet.

How is Tweetiez.com related to Twitter? This is an appealing application that can be useful for many people that want to have the chance to employ a special toolbar that gives them the possibility to use all the convenient features they can get when they share information on Twitter.

Simple and minimal, this might be a useful application to search on Google and other sites like eBay, Twitter, and many others. One of the coolest things about this service is the fact that it also works with your email by telling you if you have a new message or not. In addition to this you will be able to use it with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Tweetiez.com will also allow you to bookmark Twitter Apps as well as to block pop-ups. There are many other remarkable features you can find on this site and you just need to click on Tweetiez.com to learn more about them. All in all, this is a promising application that might help you to optimize your Twitter experience.

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BuyBusinesses.com – Buying Businesses Made Simple

  • October 16, 2009

BuyBusinesses.comBuyBusinesses.com self-defines as the web’s leading business for sale marketplace.

Regardless if this statement is accurate or not, this site has an excess of 400 categories of businesses you will be able to find in more than 240 countries around the world. This is an attention-grabbing comprehensive site you can use in order to search for the service you are looking for in addition to the clients requiring your service.

In case you are interested in buying any business you will be given the data you need in order to get in touch with the seller, as well as the way you can manage the messages you have sent to him/her. When you use this service you will have the chance to bookmark any ad, as well as to manage it in the way you want. That is one of the main reasons why there are some directions you need to follow to get the most out of your buying experience on this site. If you are a business seller you will learn how to advertise your business in a highly efficient way, and you will be provided with useful information about how much you need to pay in order to post a business for sale ad.

One of this site’s highlights is the fact that buyers will be able to get in touch with sellers in case they are interested in any particular business. If a potential buyer is attracted to your business you will see it on the site. There are other appealing features and details you need to learn about and the best way for you to do that is by giving the site a visit now.

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TinyGrab.com – An Easy Way To Optimize Your Work

  • October 16, 2009

TinyGrab.comMany people are attracted to the possibility of sharing a variety of things online in a simple way. That is one of the main reasons why this online resource has been created and developed.

In essence, TinyGrab can be considered as a helpful solution for professionals, students and people that work with images and deadlines and need other people’s help in order to finish their projects on time.

How is this solution useful? Well, this system gives you the possibility to get your work uploaded to the web in order to optimize your work. After you do that you will be provided with a direct URL to that image in your clipboard. In addition to this, you can copy and paste that URL to any email to save time and make sure that the recipient gets the image successfully.

This is going to be an effective solution to maximize the way you work with other people when it comes to using images. One of the benefits provided by this solution is the fact that your computer will not have to struggle with any image or file no matter its size.

You can send screenshots of your work so others know exactly what you are doing and they can give you their views effectively. TinyGrab seems to be a highly direct way to URL your images successfully. As a service, Tinygrab.com makes it easy for many users to share images in a totally uncomplicated way.

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ToReadNext.com – A New Way To Find Your Next Book

  • October 16, 2009

ToReadNext.comDo you like reading books? Are you an experienced reader that needs to find a solution to your indecisiveness when it comes to selecting the next book you are going to read? Do not worry about that anymore because To Read Next has come to save the day. This is just a simple web application that helps you out finding the best book you can read next.

I personally think that this is a quite interesting solution because it was designed using an algorithm that gets some information about the last book you have read to find a good new option for you to start reading.

I presume that this algorithm traces your interests as well as the text main points in order to combine them and give you an option you will like. The way this site works is really simple since the only thing you need to do to find a new book to read is to enter the search term on the search box and hit return to find the get your results.

For many people, reading a book is an important part of their lives and this is a solution that will be highly effective in order to help you out finding the best new text you can read. For more information about this site just give it a visit at Toreadnext.com

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BongoTones.com – Improve Your Quest For Specific Data

  • October 16, 2009

BongoTones.comBeing able to find information about many matters is an increasingly important and valuable ability. BongoTones.

com is an efficient solution that was created to give you the help you need in order to make use of many websites in a simple way.

Due to the fact that a new solution that could change the way people search for mobile phone content online was imperiously needed, BongoTones.com seems to be a useful tool that will help people to accomplish that goal. This solution is all about maximizing your quest for new information.

As you already the Internet is a highly dynamic environment where new applications and tools come appear at every second and this solution is a clear example of that. The company has created a system that could make your experience with wireless technology evolving to the next level.

The site’s search engine gives you the chance to find all kinds of content including ringtones and wallpapers, as well as games and videos, etc. If you want to be benefited with a personalized attention feel free to navigate through this site and learn more about the service.

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