Appbates.com – Get Paid For Your App

  • March 27, 2012

Appbates.comWhat do you do when you have a fantastic idea for a mobile app, but you can’t code? And (worse still) you have no friends who can code, or who could connect you with someone trustworthy that would write the code for you, and not rip you off afterwards? Easy. You set your browser to Appbates.com. This new company can take any idea that you’ve got, and turn it into an app people can then buy and download at the App Store. Appbates will do all the developing and coding for you. And once the app has become listed and people can buy it, then you’ll be paid. You’ll get up to 50% commissions from the ads that are placed in the finished app.

Of course, once your app is ready you can spread the word (and the links) on your favorite social networks. And also, on any site where you think that potential buyers could be found.

Registration to the site is free, and it’s the one and only requisite for submitting your own app. You quickly can sign up here, all you have to provide is your email and a password.

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Sharemagnet.com – Share And Get Paid

  • February 10, 2012


Sharemagnet.com bases its service in the idea that the best promotion you can get for anything is word of mouth. Which by the way, I think it’s true. Any marketing campaign, any piece of advertising in all kinds of media, is not as powerful as what recommendations among peers can do. We trust, more than anyone, our friends and acquaintances. Advertising and marketing exist mainly because of brands which have not succeeded in generating much buzz for their products or services. And what they try to achieve above all other goals is to generate that word of mouth when it doesn’t exist.

So if common people are the best promoters, wouldn’t it be fair that they get some… recognition? Sharemagnet.com is here to give anyone who recommends something to his contacts on the internet, some deserved revenue. But it is not about giving benefits only to a bunch of guys, but also for the companies which look for some promotion.

How does it work?

It is very easy to start using the site. Any company signs up to post “magnets” (any product or service) at Sharemagnet.com. When sharers get interested in what that company is offering through a share magnet, they will spread the word to their contacts on the web. Then, advertisers will pay sharers for driving traffic to their sites.

Advertisers will find then a great way to enter people’s conversations, at least, internet based conversations. In this way, Sharemagnet expands the channels to reach out for consumers, and brands will be able make their products known in a more direct way. Because sharers will recommend the products based on their tastes and preferences, and usually contacts know about them, they’ll have more confidence in that recommendation than in a billboard.

On the other hand, anyone could see a product which is not interesting for him, but will think about someone who may be interested. So it won’t hurt that person to share a short message through the web just letting them know. Recommendations like the “Hey John, I know you like horror movies so I’d thought you’d like this one” will help a lot of people who don’t usually pay attention to advertising to find good products. Also, companies will get more clients.

So Sharemagnet.com converts the power of word of mouth into money, for those who like to share. I think that explaining on the site how payments are calculated would help more users to start using the page.

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meetOOu.com – Share Your Knowledge And Earn Money

  • January 17, 2012

meetOOu.comA new marketplace where knowledge is bought and sold, on meetOOu you can connect with people who can teach you these things you’ve always wanted to know at a price you can meet. And also, to market your skills and profit from your knowledge. The site works in both ways, with you being able to connect with others over live video. Which is the one and only way you could pick up most skills, obviously. Learning to play an instrument is something that can really be done only when you’re actually seeing how notes are being played. And the same can be said about pretty much everything. No amount of words and explanations could beat a single live example.

Experts and service providers are called “gOOrus”, and any person who knows a lot about anything can become one. And charge these prices he deems as fair for his knowledge, too. If you become a gOOru, you’re the one who sets down how much you’ll be paid. Of course, overpricing your services won’t help. The meetOOu community is so wide that people who can teach these very same things for more reasonable prices are sure to be around, and they’ll be the ones getting all the attention you aren’t getting.

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Wizzley.com – Publish Your Articles And Be Paid

  • January 8, 2012

Wizzley.comThere’ll be a day you’ll feel like starting a blog, and sharing all your knowledge with the world. You’ll do it because you want to become a force to be reckoned with in the circle of your expertise. And you’ll also do it because you think there’s some money waiting for you there. The truth is that you might end up getting some recognition and respect for what you write, and helping others who need expert advice. You’ll get the admiration of some people. But not money. It happens more often than you might imagine. Just ask a representative number of bloggers. You won’t believe how many are actually making some real money. You won’t believe how many are making any money at all. And that’s why services like Wizzley are around – to give people who feel like writing a chance to write to the best of their capabilities, reach at least some people, and make some money along the way.

On Wizzley, you can become a publishing author for free, and submit your own articles as regularly as you want. You won’t have to create your very own blog, and you won’t have to worry about running it either. That’ll be taken care of for you. You’ll be free to focus on your writing, and on saying what you want to say using the best words you could ever use. And you’ll be paid for your efforts, you’ll get a permanent 50% to 60% share of royalties.

Registration to Wizzley comes at zero cost, and all kind of topics are supported. Arts, Internet marketing, sports, pets, gardening, real estate, family… it doesn’t matter what you’re passionate about, here you’ll find a ready public for what you want to say.

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Megaonlinejobs.com – Work Online From Anywhere

  • December 30, 2011


With the world in great economic turmoil these days, the threat of unemployment is present all the time. But people must know above all that keeping hope may be the best way to get out of difficult situations. Talking about hope, this is what Megaonlinejobs.com wants to give to many people all over the world who may be going through the bitter experience of unemployment.

Megaonlinejobs is a platform to get together job seekers and companies who maybe are undergoing a low budget program and cannot afford to have permanent employees on its staff.

Subscribing to this site will give people the chance to get simple jobs which require little or no specialization whatsoever. All of them are online jobs that can be done from home or any computer with internet access, and may be done by workers from all over the world.

Beware that a subscription fee is required to become a member and enter Megaonlinejobs‘ program. So yes, a startup cost is necessary to start enjoying the site’s benefits. The user will have to decide if he trys the system or looks for other opportunities.

Users can choose among different “Work Packages”, which include different types of online work. All of them can be seen at the website’s home. Post ads for compannies on classified sites, enter data in web forms, or referring friends are some of the tasks that may be done to earn some extra cash. “Online trading” and “SEO services” are other possible packages to enter and start working in. You can change from one to another anytime, if you are not enjoying very much the one you are in.

Payments are sent by check to the adress given by the user, once his earnings sum up $75. There may be other ways or sites for finding online work, but knowing all the options isn’t harmful. Megaonlinejobs.com is one of them.

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Kly.so – Earn Money With Short URLs

  • November 13, 2011

Kly.soA URL shortening service that lets you earn money for every link that you share? It looks like a good idea on paper, doesn’t it? Yet, that doesn’t mean such a concept would translate into the kind of service people would actively use. We have already seen our share of web tools for having URLs shortened and spread in a way that meant every click would let us earn some cash. That’s what Byb.me and Yvy.me were all about. And Kly.so is the newest service to let us have our shortened links turned into an income.

By using Kly.so, you can have family-friendly advertisements added to all of your shortened URLs. You’ll have to get lots of people to click on them to see some money, as 1000 clicks will give you $4.

The minimum payout is $5. And you always know how many clicks you still need to get since you’re provided with statistics that are updated in real time, and detailed revenue reports.

The big question is, will this be enough to make people use this service? And recommend it to their friends? That doesn’t seem very likely. None of the services mentioned in the first paragraph have managed to become remotely popular, and Kly.so is almost identical to them. We need some fresh ideas, people. As someone told me recently, “If plan A doesn’t work, there’s still 25 other letters to go”. Time to move on, and spice things up a little for folks to get more involved…

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Videofy.me – Video Blogging Platform

  • October 12, 2011

Videofy.mePresented as a new video service for blogs, what Videofy does is to let every single person who feels naturally attracted to cameras indulge in this passion and generate an income while doing so. Videofy makes it easy for such people to publish their videos somewhere everybody else is going to be able to see them, and have them monetized by way of preroll ads.

The greatness of this service lies in how open it is. Basically, just anybody can sign up for an account and start monetizing his videos. This stands in stark contrast to YouTube’s MO – the popular video portal offers revenue share on ads to selected users only. You must have an invitation to benefit from that. And no, you can’t buy one on eBay.

This Swedish startup has already amassed more than 40,000 users in its home country, and now it has opened up worldwide. Registration is free, and it’s completed in a few steps by following this link. Its creators claim that some of its Swedish users are earning as much as $7000 for their involvement. We’ll see what American users report when the time comes…

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Vinswer.com – Sell Video Answers

  • September 1, 2011

Vinswer.comLooking for a way to profit from your knowledge, and earn some quick money? Well, who isn’t nowadays? This is a service that makes such a thing really easy. All you need to have in order to get started is a website of your very own, as Vinswer is a widget that enables people to connect with you through live video chat, and get answers to any question they might have that fall in your area of expertise.

All that people need to do in order to actually ask you anything is having a PayPal account, as that’s how payments are handled. You won’t be charged anything for embedding the chat on your site, and you won’t be charged for these connections that are made either.

And it’s very important to mention that Vinswer chats are also actually embeddable on blogs and social network profiles, too. And yes, that includes Facebook.

In all cases, registration to the service takes less than 1 minute, and it’s over in two simplistic steps. Even my grandma could do it, and sell all the culinary knowledge she has accumulated all through her life.

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DailyPoll.me – Answer Polls And Earn Prizes

  • July 27, 2011

DailyPoll.meThis is a social site with a strong gaming element, as users are invited to answer a poll each day in order to get points they will eventually be able to redeem for real life prizes. They won’t be alone in that, of course – they will be going against other site users that are doing exactly the same. The site actually features a leaderboard that makes it transparently clear who has answered the most polls (and more successfully, too). The idea is to encourage everybody to do their best. And that goes well beyond submitting answers, as users of the site can actually contribute their own polls for everybody else to answer.

They can deal with mostly everything – their favorite social networks, their favorite mobile devices, their best-loved athletes… Just anything can be asked on DailyPoll.me. But if you intend to use it, be reasonable – only if you ask something which has true widespread appeal will people be enticed to answer it massively. And only if that happens will you actually have a chance to climb higher and higher on the DailyPoll.me leaderboard.

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Razzi.me – Be Paid For Sharing Photos

  • April 28, 2011

Razzi.meFor most casual users, Facebook is enough for sharing their images and pictures. Yet, for those who need a little bit more there are platforms like Razzi.me. Razzi.me is a social site in which images can be uploaded for all to see. And those who do upload their photos to the site are paid according to how many people see them.

So, it can be said that Razzi.me is a bit like the YouTube Partner Program, only that here everything has to do with pictures, not with videos.

On Razzi.me, images can be both uploaded manually and imported from Flickr. And an iPhone app is available for further convenience.

A platform like Razzi.me is obviously going to appeal to people such as budding photographers who are looking for a break. It is not that they will become famous beyond their wildest dreams for submitting a picture or two here, it is just that a specialized network such as this one makes it easier for people looking for talent to find it.

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SalaryShare.me – Share How Much You Earn

  • April 18, 2011

SalaryShare.meAsk any average worker and he will tell you how he feels – nay, how he is sure – that he is being underpaid. That is something deeply ingrained into human nature, and nothing is going to change it anytime soon. However, sites like SalaryShare.com are here to let people know how right or wrong they are to complain like they do.

The dynamics of SalaryShare have users creating salaries pool to which they can invite all their coworkers to (anonymously) contribute how much they are earning. These figures will then become viewable by all the people that had been invited to take part of the pool, and everybody will get to realize to which extent his discontent was well-funded.

And a site such as this one can also be used among friends. Everything would work in exactly the same way – someone creates the pool, he invites his friends to disclose how much they earn (but without having to disclose their identities) and at the end of it all everything will become comparable on the spot.

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Imgrent.com – Share Your Images And Earn Money

  • April 18, 2011

Imgrent.comImgrent is a new image sharing platform, and it hopes to draw users in by offering them money for their involvement. That is, on Imgrent.com you can have your images uploaded and hosted online, and share the relevant links with all your friends. And when a certain number of people have watched such images, then you will be paid an amount that is going to vary according to the actual countries these visits came from.

Currently, you can earn as much as $ 2 per 1000 visits. Again, bear in mind that everything will depend on where did these visits came from.

And as far as the actual upload capabilities of the site are concerned, these are functional at best. You can upload up to 10 separate files, amounting to as much as 100 MB each. And bulk uploads are supported, so that you are freed from the onerous process of having to upload files one by one.

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GhostBloggers.net – Sell Blog Posts

  • March 1, 2011

GhostBloggers.netDid your blog fail to bring the income that you were sure it would bring? Well, at least you got acquainted with concept of blogging and you polished your writing skills along the way. And that knowledge is something that you could put to very good use on a site like this one, so nothing has been in vain.

GhostBloggers is a marketplace for blog posts. On this site, people can advertise blog posts that they are willing to sell for an amount of money that they decide on themselves. These posts can (and do) deal with mostly anything you could ever think of – everything from how to make money on a website to how to clean electronics in a safe way, it is all found on GhostBloggers.

So, this new marketplace stands as a really useful resource for all these bloggers that have failed to generate an income by any other means. That is (sadly) not an uncommon scenario, and I know for a fact that many people would feel inclined to give this site a good look to learn more about how it works personally.

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iSpoot.com – Share Shortened Links & Be Paid

  • January 30, 2011

iSpoot.comThe large number of URL shorteners that offer you money in exchange for using them, and the lack of a leading service in such an area simply highlights how the concept lacks any real depth. And a site like Spoot is not really going to make a difference.

iSpoot lets you shorten links and have them shared on the spot. And it pays you for doing so – you will be paid $ 5 for every 1000 people that have clicked on any link that you have created and spread out.

The minimum payout is $ 50, and payments are handled via PayPal. And you will know how close you are to reaching your quota thanks to the analytics that are provided.

I have seen many, many sites that let you do the same already. Not a single one of them caught my eye, and neither did they catch the eye or the imagination of the general public. I find it hard to believe that a site like this one can succeed, but you might of course think otherwise.

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cOOtopia.com – Share Your Knowledge & Earn Money

  • January 12, 2011

cOOtopia.comWe can define cOOtopia as a knowledge and revenue sharing platform. People who use this site are enabled to profit directly from their knowledge. They can write articles on these subjects they are well-acquainted with, and have them published on the relevant category of the website. They will then share the revenue with cOOtopia 50 % – 50 %, and both bonuses and awards are also provided to those who exert themselves.

Some of the featured categories include Tech, Health, Ecology, Sports, Shopping, Culture… anything that has even a slightly popular or widespread appeal is publishable on cOOtopia. And note that you are not limited in structural terms. That is, you are not forced to write plain text articles only. You can actually come with things like mixed RSS feeds and content-rich posts. Whatever lets you convey your ideas more clearly.

And nobody is limited in terms of language either. English is only one of the more than 30 languages that are supported on the site.

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Byb.me – Earn Money By Sharing Short URLs

  • December 22, 2010

Byb.meAre you the kind who does nothing unless he gets something tangible in return? Because if you are, this is a site that calls for your attention.

Byb.me is one of these URL shorteners that encourage people to use it by offering them a monetary retribution. That is, anything you share through this site that gets picked up by other people and clicked through will translate into an income for you.

The best way to accomplish that (IE, to get people to click on your links) is to actually have them shared on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. But blogs and forums are also spots that should never be missed, if only because interactions there take on an even more specific nature. Breaking the ice might be harder at first, but if you manage to do it then you are ensured a good number of people clicking on your links.

The way everything currently works, a thousand visitors will generate about $2.00. And the minimum payout is $ 10.00.

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Seekyt.com – Share Content & Get Paid

  • December 20, 2010

Seekyt.comSeekyt is a social sharing website that aims to encourage users to get involved by giving them a monetary remuneration. That is, people who share anything through the site get a share of the AdSense revenue that is generated.

If you give this community site a try, you will be able to share your very own content as well as links to all the pages that you think others could enjoy visiting. YouTube videos, news articles, images hosted on Flickr… that is all readily shareable through Seekyt. And in addition to being paid for what you are sharing, Seekyt will also compensate you for bringing new users in.

Coming back to the sharing of content, anything that you post on the site will be duly categorized. Games, News, Products, Sports, Health and Media are just some of the categories that are available, and that I am sure you will find yourself using the most often. And just like Digg in its prime, the content can be visualized according to how recently it has been uploaded to the site.

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BornToSell.com – Screening Covered Calls For You

  • December 10, 2010

BornToSell.comIn case you are not familiar with the concept, covered calls are one of the best investment strategies available. They are easy to get acquainted with and not very risky – industry professionals recognize them as the one conservative investment strategy that uses options. Covered calls imply a buy-write strategy that has the same payoffs as writing a put option (provided an equilibrium between the actual call option and the underlying instrument which is transacted is reached, that is).

Well, Born To Sell is a new website that makes covered calls something understandable and usable by just anybody. The site acts as a screener that any person who already owns stocks can use to identify opportunities and write options, as well as a search engine for already-existing covered calls. As it stands right now, the site will let you search over 150,000 covered calls at once.

And knowing these concepts might be a bit hard to grasp at first, the ones behind this site have come up with a comprehensive tutorial explaining just how to use such calls in order to generate a tangible income much faster.

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Adby.Me – A New Advertising Platform

  • December 10, 2010

Adby.MeA brand-new (and very original) advertising platform, Adby.Me makes for the social streaming of ads. Through the site, people can choose exactly which ads they want to share with their social contacts. And the actual process in which ads are spread around involves adding slogans to them.

That is, if you want to share an ad about Pepsi you can include a slogan in which you profess your loving for the drink, and have it streamed to all the social sites that you want by copying and pasting the ad link that will be produced.

And once the ad has been published, your reward will come in the shape of a gift card for Amazon.

So, this is the first platform in which ads are spread by copywriting them. It is a different concept for sure, and one that will work best when the copywriter has a homogeneous network, IE a list of social contacts bound by the same common interests. That will ensure a much better reception of the ads being shared.

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Shrtn.co – Share Shortened Links And Earn Money

  • November 18, 2010

Shrtn.coWhat would you do if you wanted people to massively begin using a URL shortener that you have devised yourself? I think that nine out of ten people would answer that question in the very same way: by offering people an economic incentive for trimming and sharing links through it. Well, that is exactly what this new shortener does. It is named Shrtn, and it works by introducing affiliate links into the URLs that you reduce and spread through it. Every time someone buys something via the link that is featured as part of your short URL, then you are getting a commission.

This system is very interesting in every sense, but it is particularly appealing from a conceptual point of view since you are saved the tediousness of having to create an account with each affiliate programme that supports the shopping site you want to link to.

And something that is really likable about Shrtn is that you can always give the money that you are earning away, and benefit the charity (or charities) of your choice.

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