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How To Avoid A Condom Disaster (And Other Social Media Marketing Tips)

How To Avoid A Condom Disaster
(And Other Social Media Marketing Tips)

If you have a product, you need to engage your customers. No, not in the way the first part of the title in this article would suggest, but in the latter part – with social media marketing. Most startups understand the importance of this by now, but engaging your customers with your product or service…

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Let’s face it, in this world of sexually transmitted diseases, safety is a major priority. The problem (aside from people complaining that it’s a pain or a mood killer to use a condom) is that quite frankly these little latex contraptions are quite expensive. If you think about, you spend quite a bit of money on them and it shouldn’t be so. That’s why has come up with a solution for all those out there that are taking...

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Here’s some change to the traditional marketing programs: instead of getting gift cards or sample giveaways, you get condoms for filling surveys or making purchases of specific providers. Joining the program is easy and rewarding: you just need to fill in a short sing up form, and start earning points, and once you reach a certain amount of points, you can use them to purchase condoms and lubricants from the company, which carries the...

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