DreamBox.com – Math For Children

  • September 25, 2008

DreamBox Learning is a company that offers online math learning fun products which take advantage of the versatility of the latest technological advances in order to provide children with tailor-made software solutions. The company is a purveyor of edu-tainment products – that is, a game that entertains and plays an educational role at the same time.

The featured products are based on specific teacher strategies such as the development of key ideas and the provision of hints at necessary intervals. The company’s first product will be titled “Learning K-2 Math”, and it is geared towards parents that wish their children could develop early math literacy. Information on this product is featured on the corporate website. Furthermore, a “Parent Resources” page is included and can be accessed from the main page.

The site also includes a section that goes by the name of “Careers” that is worth checking out for those who are on the lookout for job openings and career opportunities. The benefits that working at the company entails are also described online.

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