More – Official Website of American Girl

  • July 19, 2012

When visiting, users are directed to the Official Homepage of the American Girl company. While they are primarily known for their line of dolls, the site showcases an entire universe of related content on their online home. Fans can check out the newest doll and clothing designs, and they can also use the online shop to ship orders to their home. The Shop also sells clothing, accessories, furniture, books, and magazines relating to the brand. Visitors to can also find information on events, such as their charity Read-a-Palooza. The site also includes information about the new stores opening up around the country, and what shoppers can expect from their in-store experiences. They can even set up reservations for parties and events and to meet with other American Girl owners at the stores.

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More – Dollhouses and Miniatures

  • December 2, 2008

Minishop.comIf you’ve always wanted to have your very own dollhouse or are thinking of getting one for your daughter, offers you the chance to purchase the very best.

At this online store you’ll be able to find everything you could possibly think of in terms of dollhouses and everything that goes in them.

The store carries some of the best known brands in the business so you can put together the dollhouse of your dreams. Dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures are this store’s specialty. You’ll find over 10,000 miniature items, doll houses, dollhouse kits, dolls, artisan items, and everything you need to build, finish and furnish any dolls house or miniature home.

From beautifully handcrafted scale furniture to electrical lighting, miniature porcelains, dollhouse wallpaper, flooring, and much more. If you don’t think you’re crafty enough to build the house yourself, you’ll find a wide variety of assembled houses to choose from, and if you’re the DIY type you’re sure to have fun putting together that dollhouse of your dreams with the assortment of supplies found here.

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More – For Fashion Lovers

  • July 30, 2008

LoveDressUp.comDo you like dressing doll games? Do you enjoy make up, trends, and fashion? If you do, then this is the site you definitely need to check out. It seems like this site is committed to providing its surfers with different kinds of online dressing games for them to enjoy.

Why would you waste your precious time looking for your favorite fashion games when you can find them all in one place? The site I am talking about is On the home page you will find, form top to bottom, the following features: a convenient search engine for you to find the game you are looking for, the games categories, and more. The games categories are arranged from left to right and they are: girls’ games, makeover, fashion games, room décor, doll maker, princess, and others. Below you will find the latest games and the featured games. On the right-hand side of the home page you will find the top rated games and some cool links. Check out and have fun.

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More – Manhattan Toy Online Store

  • July 25, 2008

ManhattanToy.comManhattan Toy products, from its newest concepts to their time-tested classics are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight their consumers large and small. Their design process blends science and whimsy to produce toys that offer children a rich array of visual and tactile stimulation and unlimited opportunities for imaginative exploration.

You can find the toy that you desire by exploring the categories located at the top of the homepage. These categories are: Baby 0-5 years, Dolls, Puppets, Plush, Puzzibits, Groovy Girls, and Gift Ideas. Whether it is a whimsical doll for a child to enjoy fantasy play or a special first-baby doll to explore positive nurturing and role-play patterns, it is easy to see how their beautifully-crafted dolls can become life-long friends. You will find pictures and descriptions including price of every item available. You will also find finger and hand puppets, puppet pairs, theaters, and many more accessories.

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More – Pets With Style

  • June 30, 2008

BratzPetz.comIf you haven’t heard of Bratz, you must live on another planet. These popular dolls that are characterized by large heads and huge eyes are the all about fashion and being hip.

They’ve been around for some time now but none of them had any furry friends. Now that’s all changed. Bratz Petz are the latest addition to the collection and they’re just as fashion forward as the original girls. These furry companions love to dress up and strut their stuff just like any celebrity pet does. On the website you’ll see just what each of the Bratz Catz, Foxz, and Dogz are all about. The site features all sorts of interactive play, downloads, pictures, and of course character descriptions so you can get to know each of their sassy personalities, and their unique sense of style. If you loved the Bratz, you’ll love the Petz so visit the website and take a look at the products available.

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More – Collectible Dolls

  • June 27, 2008 is the official and e-commerce website of The Matilda Company, an American retail company that sells many kinds of dolls.

In fact, they are authorized dealers of Madame Alexander Dolls, Hummel Figurines, Marie Osmond Dolls, Magic Attic Dolls, Berta Hummels, Gene Marshall Dolls, Madame Alexander Figurines, Armani Figurines, Tiffany Style Lamps, Mother of Pearl Lamps, Helen Kish Dolls, and Murano Art Glass, among others. Here you can browse trough their entire catalogue, sorted into all these different categories. Each one of them is listed here, displaying pictures, main features, and price, and they are all available to purchase online with any major credit card. All their latest offers and arrivals are posted here, but if you wish to receive them right into your inbox, you can subscribe to their free email newsletter. Finally, in case you need further assistance or you have any inquiry, you can find here all their contact information.

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MyDollMaker.Net – Create Your Own Dolls

  • June 26, 2008

MyDollMaker.NetIf you are one of those girls who enjoy playing with dolls, or a grown up that misses the old times, it is probably that you will find this site very interesting. MyDollMaker.

Net is a website that provides you with the opportunity to create, dressed up, and customize your own dolls. It offers a list with different games at the left hand side of the homepage. The games’ categories are: Sue Games, Room Décor, Make Up, Doll Maker, Fashion Doll, Barbie Dress Up, Doll House, Star Dolls, Fairy Dress Up, Princess Dress Up, Makeover Games, Dress Up Girls, and Animal Games. Once you click on any of the categories you will access to a list with all the games available for that category. Each game can be played online and provides information that includes a description on how to play each game. So become a member and start sharing with others your passion for dolls. MyDollMaker.Net

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More – Dollmakers And Dressup Games

  • June 18, 2008

Pixeldollz.comThis website features games and activities specially design for girls. Here you can find hundreds of dollmakers and dressup games, all of which you can download or play online.

Also, you can find dolls drawings form different categories such as celebrities, anime, Halloween, or couples, among others, which you can add to your Myspace or website just by copying and pasting the code displayed underneath each one of them. The site is updated frequently, so you can check it every once in a while in order to get all the latest dolls and games. In addition to this, you can find here a collection of avatars, blinkies, and glitter letters. The website also features an exclusive members section where you can find even more stuff and create your own profile. Finally, in case you have any inquiry or you need further assistance, you can contact the creators of the website by email.

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More – Shop Dollhouses And Kits

  • June 18, 2008 is an American e-commerce website that sells dollhouses and dollhouses kits.

Here you can browse trough their entire catalogue, sorted by different categories such as style, size, and type. Each one of the items listed here displays pictures, main features, and price, and they are all available to purchase online with any major credit card. You can also find here all their latest promotions and deals and each one of the products can be rated and reviewed by the customers of the site. In addition to this, the website has related articles and guides that will help you choose the best dollhouse. In order to receive all the latest from this website, you can subscribe to their free email newsletter. Finally, in case you need further assistance or you have any inquiry, you can contact their customer support team either by email or phone trough their toll free line.

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More – Find Toys For Kids

  • June 12, 2008

MailJust4me.comThis site is an online store that offers toys for children. In this site you can find all the information you need to know about the site itself and about the products and services that they provide.

To search for a toy in this site you can look in the different categories such as Adventure Kids, Animal Habitats, Bath Toys, Building Toys, Collectibles, Dolls, Dress Up and many more. If not, you can always look in the homepage of this site for featured products, in the Crafts section, shop by occasion or use the search engine bar as well. Every item offered in this site has a photo of what it is, the name, a description and the price next to it. If you would like to give what you purchase as a gift to someone you can add a gift card message, your signature, the recipient’s name and the shipping address.

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More – Dress Up Your Favorite Doll

  • June 11, 2008

Cutestardoll.comDo you like dolls? Do you like stars, dolls, and fashion? If you are one of those doll lovers, check out

It doesn’t matter how old you are; in this site you will be able to play dressing games and doll games without feeling ashamed. There are over fifteen sections for you to play. Some of them include girls dress up, star games, celebrity dress up, celebrity star games, wedding dress up, couple dress up, bratz games, and much more. There is a funny game, funny named Sunshine Shopaholic for you to play, buy, and collect designer clothes. It could be useful as an online therapy; instead of spending terrifying amounts of money you can try these kinds of games, why not? There are lots of online dressing games, as well as make up and accessory games. Visit for more games.

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More – Russian Gifts

  • June 10, 2008

Russian-Crafts.comIf you’re interested in Russia and the crafts produced there you should take a look at the interesting items that are offered

On this site you can find all sorts of traditional Russian folk art and crafts including jewelry, glass ornaments, nesting dolls, lacquer boxes, and more. The items are sent from Russia, there are no imitations, everything on the site is authentic. The site offers people from around the world to learn a little more about Russian culture, traditions, folk art, and traditional Russian crafts. This online gift shop is dedicated to providing quality products that reflect the heritage and culture of this unique country. Most of the items that appear on the site are hand crafted, often quite intricate and detailed but very reasonably priced. The catalog includes painted eggs, musical boxes, enamel jewelry, lacquer brooches, and Pavlovo Posad woolen and Orenburg down shawls as well as the items previously mentioned.

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More – Artistic Abilities

  • June 9, 2008

CraftyCollege.comDo you want to learn how to create your own doll? Are you looking to join a craft class? This online site offers plenty of useful information related to this crafty college and the services they offer. Visitors will find data about online doll and craft classes as well as workshops, self paced classes and free mini classes.

The site contains lots of images that demonstrate examples of these creations. You will find a list that includes the reasons why students pick the crafty college, some of these reasons are that they offer quality classes, that there are online classes available for students, they provide quick technical support for students between many other reasons. Visitors will be able to view a section that contains testimonials of those students that have attempted these classes and post their personal opinions and experiences. If you are interested in learning more about this college, visit this site and find all about it.

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More – Free Games For Girls

  • May 23, 2008

Girlygamez.comYou are faced with the largest site of games for girls in the web. Girlygamez.

com offers game for free; you just have to enter, download, and play. However, if you like to challenge, you can also play online. The site has a large database of downloadable games, divided in many categories: fashion games, dress up games, celebrities games and more. You can create a perfect barbie in Teen Dressing For Girls, or dress up dolls in Fashion Week game. Play with the fascinating dress up games and create your own style with latest fashion trends. The characters of the games also vary a lot: you can find dolls, anime characters, and cartoon characters, among other. Check the Girl Club, and be part of the gamers girl community. The site has many links to other gaming zones, but I doubt you will have time to check it; there are too many games in

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More – Girlie Games

  • May 13, 2008

Coolmakeovergames.comIf you still like dolls, you should check out this site. The best thing about dolls is dressing them up and make up some stories about them.

If you like them to look pretty and play with them, take a look at this site. has many fashion games, as well as girls dress-up for you have lots of fun. The web site has beautiful graphics, so looking for the games you want to play is lots of fun too. If you choose the room décor game, you will have many options to select from, like: doll house, palace’s decoration, doll room decoration, classroom make over, fantastic house, princess room designer, my lovely home, coffee room, and many more. Each game has been rated so you can have an objective opinion on them. If you like the doll maker game, you will have to decide which doll you’d like to play with.

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More – A Variety Of Toys For You To Buy

  • April 20, 2008

AtAMail.comAre you looking for a shop which has a large number of toys for you to choose between them? Now you can buy in, a site that provides a large variety of toys of all kind.

In this site you can find a list with toys such as anime toys, animal crossing, dolls, Dukes of Hazzard, star war toys, Pokemon toys and many more. For each category of toys you can read a brief description of the origins of certain characters and a summary of the story there’s behind. In case you are interested in buying any of the toys at then you are able to order them online. If you have already once visited this site and you didn’t find what you where looking for, then you might find it useful to know that they update the site frequently and in the home page you can find out which are the new toys available or the ones that are back in stock. Search for the toy you want and make the best gift ever!

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More – Presents For Your Children

  • April 14, 2008

StuffedAnimals.comWhen children are about 4 and 5 years old, they become more conscious about the meaning of their birthday, Christmas and the Tree Wise. Of course this does not mean that the illusion disappear.

The expectation for their gifts and for the celebrations will still remain. Maybe you can remember what you felt the days before your birthday when you were a child, and for sure you will remember some gifts more than others. You must have got that uncle, aunt or other relative that always chooses boring gifts such us clothes, or some not fun book. Children always prefer receiving toys than clothes for their birthday. will surprise you, with a great variety of stuffed animals, puppets, baby dolls, and many more. It’s an interesting option to take on board at the moment you decide to buy a present for a child. The products seem to be very good quality. So try to think as a child and choose the funniest present for your child.

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More – Collectibles and Gifts

  • March 9, 2008

GoCollect.comAre you a collector? Would you like to get information about collectibles? Then, you might want to try this website out. is a free website that offers you the chance to get information and images regarding collections of all kinds. On Go Collect you can watch image galleries of teddies collections, glasses and plates among many other items.

Apart from that, on you can browse a vast collection of cherished teddies and precious teddies in addition to Boyd bears and other precious teddies, gifts and collectibles. Notice that this website is not an online store, it just offers a wide database of collectibles.

Are you looking for information about collectibles? In that case, feel free to visit and browse a wide database of cherished teddies, precious teddies ad other gifts and collectibles. Feel free top visit this website in case you need information and resources about collectibles.

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More – Buy Gifts For The Whole Family

  • February 27, 2008

BettysAttic.comAre you trying to find a web page that will allow you to buy gifts for the whole family? Have you been trying to find gifts that are sweet, original, creative and that will make anyone of any age happy? In that case, enter because this web site will have a great deal to offer you! This online catalogue has such a huge array of articles that you will be looking for hours to search for the perfect gift! What this catalogue is famous for is its collection of collectible merchandise that date quite a while back! You will be able to find bobble heads, classic toys, old collectible coins, kitchen ware, clothes and accessories, war memorabilia and so much more! The site has been organized in a simple and straightforward manner, making your surfing it easy and enjoyable.

All the articles available come with pictures and prices included so that you can make the buy that best suits you! So enter this site now and start buying immediately for the whole family!

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More – Create you Own Doll

  • February 25, 2008

Dollwizard.comWant to disguise a doll? Have you ever dreamt about creating your own doll? Well then, you might be interested in visiting

In this site you will be able to choose your favourite doll and disguise it with several features such as skin color, eyes, mouth, hair, weapons, dress, belt, hat, shoes and much more. Also, there is an interactive forum in which users can get in touch and exchange ideas and experiences. Moreover, users are can access to the customize section in which they will be taught how to create their own dolls. The site’s layout is well organized with creative design features and eye-catching colors that help the users find what they are looking for. If its about dolls, is definitely the place!

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