Divvyus.com – Administering Shared Tasks

  • July 30, 2010

Divvyus.comLetting you create a shared to do list is the aim of this new website, and it is an aim that if fulfills more than correctly. Named Divvyus, this site will let you come up with a to do list in which the tasks are assigned to different individuals.

For example, if you are going to have a barbeque with your friends you can have John to bring in the beer, Peter to bring in the pork, Mark to take care of the chips, Stacy to bring the vegetable side dish… I think that you get the drift.

A Divvyus list can be created for free, and once you have finished adding tasks and allocating them you can simply proceed to share the unique URL that is generated with all of your friends. You don’t actually need to sign up for the service, and neither do your friends. That is always a big plus, as the less steps that have to be complied with then the more partial people are to using a service of this nature.

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Splicd.com – Chop Up Your YouTube

  • September 23, 2008

Splicd.comLet’s be honest, most of the videos on YouTube are boring. If you find a particular part of a video you want to share with your friends, without them being bored by what’s before it, then you have to check out Splicd.

com. With this site, you’ll be able to chop up YouTube videos, and send your friends a direct link to the part you want them to see. Just paste the URL of the video into the site and tell it from where to where you want the video to be viewed. You’ll then get another link to the part of the video that’s worth seeing, that you can then share with your friends.

It’s a very simple service that should make it possible for you to share parts of videos that are worth seeing. The site works pretty well, but since it’s a work in progress, you’ll be able to get in touch with them in case you find anything wrong. In short, this site could make it possible for you to finally share what you want your friends to see, without the extra garbage.

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PlanDone.com – Plan And Get It Done

  • September 16, 2008

PlanDone.comThe key part of teamwork is dividing who does what. When you do this, and if everything is done accordingly, you’ll be able to get a lot more work done as a team.

If you’re having trouble dividing your team’s work to maximize efficiency, then Plandone.com is the site you have been searching for. With this, you’ll be able to decided who does what, set deadlines, and put the work together once it’s done. While this might not sound like much, it’s a great tool that, if used correctly, will completely change your office dynamics. The service is not free, but you can try it out before you make any financial commitments. In short, this service will allow everyone to know exactly what it is they have to do, avoiding uncertainty and letting people focus on the most important aspect of their jobs: getting work done.

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