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  • January 17, 2011

Divanee.comDivanee is the one blog you should check if you want to know more about South Asian lifestyle. By paying it a visit you will be able to read all the latest developments when it comes to arts, fashion and just anything that could be deemed as having general appeal. Book reviews, movie reviews, posts dealing with notable South Asian not only in the region but all over the world… These are what you will find on Divanee.

And the blog also includes best-of lists that go by names such as 10 Famous Pakistanis, The Top 10 Best Bollywood Movies of 2010, Top 10 Moments Around the Globe that Rocked 2010… These will be particularly useful to people who are in other parts of the world, and who could use a quick introduction to the best cultural protagonists of the region. And lists such as The 10 Worst Bollywood Films of 2010 will also give them the other side of the story.

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