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  • April 23, 2009

DWVacationHomes.comThose who are looking for a Disney Word vacation home in either the Orlando or Kissimmee area will benefit from a site like this one. In general terms, the site has over 200 properties in said areas, and these come complete with a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

The featured properties include three, four, five and six bedroom vacation homes near Disney World. All of the available homes come complete with private swimming pools, functional kitchens, and they are all located less than 15 minutes to Disney’s main entrance.

Every child must visit Disneyland at least once. It is one of these magical experiences that last a lifetime. I remember the day I went there as if it were today – it is such a vivid memory. A chance to show our little ones what the characters that filled our younger days were like is invaluable to me, and they will also have a chance to meet their latest idols and characters. If you want to learn more about arranging such an experience, you can start by checking this site out. A toll free number is likewise provided to these purposes.

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