Annefrank.com – Standing Up Against Discrimination at the Anne Frank Center USA

  • August 22, 2012

Annefrank.com invites visitors to experience Manhattan’s Anne Frank Center USA, an organization dedicated to fostering peace and respect between all people. The Center’s namesake was a German Jew whose diary – kept while the Frank family was hiding from the Nazis in a secret attic apartment above an office building in the Netherlands – has now been translated into dozens of languages and remains of the most significant documents to emerge from the Second World War.

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MCCChurch.org – Churches Against Discrimination

  • July 6, 2008

MCCChurch.orgMCCChurch.org is the website of the Metropolitan Community Churches, a religious organization aimed to tear down walls and build up hope in some places where no other religious or charitable organizations are willing to go.

The ministry and movement began in 1968 when Reverend Elder Troy Perry invited twelve gay men, to worship in his home. The ministry fights for justice and helps the oppressed, always telling the Good News of Jesus and reassuring everyone that God loves all without exclusion or segregation of any kind. The Metropolitan Community Churches state that their work is not done until all people are free to worship without rejection and free to commit to love whom they will. At MCCChurch.org, you will find all the info you may need regarding the schedule of events, and resources available to learn and worship. Browse the site and learn more about their programs in Programs in Social Justice, HIV/AIDS, Church Planting and more. MCCChurch.org

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RethinkingSchools.org – Improving Education At School

  • May 5, 2008

RethinkingSchools.orgIt’s sure that you have heard talking about education and school hundred’s times in your life, but first of all, is important to clear that there is a difference between school and education. Your education not only depends on your school marks; in fact it depends more on the attention you received from your parents, the type of relation they had and what they taught to you in your first years of life.

You know that school is no less than your strongest tool for your future. You can agree or not with the actual system, but you can’t change school education radically if nowadays reality shows a very clear face that is according to what today’s school proposes. So, what RethinkingSchools.org essentially raises is to change the things that are possible, such as some taboos, discrimination, stereotypes, and many more aspects that can affect the students at different orders. You will read opinions about crucial issues and many thoughts about how to improve the actual school situations. RethinkingSchools.org

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WalMartWatch.com – Watch Out For WalMart

  • March 18, 2008

WalMartWatch.comIn a world where corporations have more and more power over society and governments, the role of the consumer and her/his ethical standpoints is vital: its individual ethics in regards to that we eat, plug, shop and read which can help us make a better world –or at least one that’s more related to our beliefs. In any case, it’s clear that national governments don’t have much relative power if contrasted to that of corporation’s, think of the Southeast Asia sweatshops which produce our pullovers and tennis: the US government is certainly against slavery and child labour, but the truth remains that the stuff gets sold, the revenue earned and the child unpaid.

WalmartWatch.com belongs to the wave of consumer ethics movement: the site aims to keep buyers informed about dubious business practices in order to generate awareness about the largest retailer in the US, and let people decide whether to shop or not, sign petitions to avoid wal-marts from building new superstores in small communities, help prevent disrupting labour practices and privacy breaches. The site puts together internal statistics and information, plus comment and interviews to activists and ex-workers who explain what’s wrong with this corporation in order to encourage users to research their own way to conclusions. If you are concerned about the way in which wal-mart influences certain aspects of community and society, take a look at the ‘Issues’ tag to read detailed reports on environment care, gender and race discrimination, political influence, corporate culture, health care plans and other related topics to learn how this supermarket chain deals (badly) with touchy areas and further build your position. WalMartWatch.com

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DevChix.com – Mighty Programming Ladies

  • March 9, 2008

DevChix.comIt’s hard to step out of the stereotypes: professional computer handling is only now starting to abandon its geeky aura, but it still is very wrongly regarded as a mostly-male profession which poses some challenges for women out there with a passion for programming and developing, who unfortunately “are still poorly represented in the world of code”, as this site puts it. DevChix.

com is out and about to make a difference: a community of female developers/programmers with a flair for Perl, PHP, Python, Java, C#, Ruby, and C who join to discuss everything boy programmers discuss, and with the same technical depth (and incomprehensible language for those of us who blatantly ignore the world of code), only they strive to leave the gender bias and rude remarks out of the whole thing. These mighty and fun ladies discuss more earthly matters, including their less-than-perfect interactions with the male programming world, and regularly present fascinating (albeit lengthy) posts on some other feats of women in the tech/science and computer world from the past and present. DevChix.com

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