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  • September 25, 2009

OtherPage.comOtherPage is a website that will have bargain hunters jumping up in joy. The site aggregates products that can be procured at discounted prices, and that come from dealers that regularly sell through Amazon or eBay.

The difference is that here they sell their products directly from their stores, cutting the middle men out of the process.

The actual structure and disposition of the site is familiar enough to guarantee everything will be instantly accessible from the word go – you have the characteristic list of categories on one side of the page, and then a search functionality that will let you specify what you are after and see whether or no your luck is in.

That is basically it. The site does not offer any radically groundbreaking service or functionality other than letting you save some money. And that will be more than enough for most people I know, to be frank. If you have to do some shopping and don’t know where you could head to, this site might as well be counted upon in order to make ends meet.

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