Rantr.co.uk – Voice Your Discontent

  • November 18, 2008

Rantr.co.ukThis new UK-based initiative has a name that speaks for itself. Is there something that really bothers you? Want to feel better by getting it off your chest? If that is the case, you can always resort to a site like this and voice your discontent.

The site couldn’t be easier to use. The one actual requisite is registering beforehand by filling out the three fields that are provided – username, e-mail and password. Once registration has been complied with, you will be able to publish your rants and ravings for all to see.

When submitting a comment, you can also add a little emoticon to emphasize your message. The messages themselves tend to range from “It’s always raining in England, I hate it!” to messages that deal with current celebrities or popular shows like High School Musical, but you are free to rant about anything that irks you.

All in all, this site stands as a good way to let off some frustration, and it is surely cheaper than a visit to your local shrink. You can try it out for yourself at rantr.co.uk and start ranting right away.

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