OrthoElmiron.com – Interstitial Cystitis Meds

  • April 13, 2008

OrthoElmiron.comAs part of the IVAX network of product sites, OrthoElmiron.com is where you can get information on Interstitial Cystitis, a bladder inflammation problem that affects mainly women but which can happen to men as well.

As is the case is commercial and marketing medical literature, this site presents that all-too familiar epic/melodramatic tone: “If you think you have IC, it may seem like no one understands what you’re going through. Remember, you’re not alone. And with your doctor’s help, you can overcome IC”. Of course, before actually visiting your doctor, you can read about this condition on the site, take a self-screening test to find out the chances of whether you have IC or not, and read about Elmiron, a medicine which helps ease the discomforts associated with IC. You can also use OrthoElmiron.com to find a doctor in your area who has experience with this condition. The site also has some useful dietary suggestions for people suffering IC, exercise plans, and even a list of links to related websites, plus you can download an information guide with further resources to help you deal with your condition. Though the site is mainly targeted for patients, professionals can find a resource center where to read the full product’s specs, find additional prescription guidelines, read about clinical researches and trials, take a look at different scales and procedures associated with IC diagnosis and download booklets for their patients to read on, both in Spanish and English. OrthoElmiron.com

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CpapSupplyUsa.com – Respiratory Care Supplies

  • April 5, 2008

CpapSupplyUsa.comIs that horrid co-worker of yours in a bad mood again? Well, before you try the ever-working strategy of telling him your deepest thoughts, you can suggest visiting this site, a supplier of medical needs in the respiratory area. But why would your co-worker benefit from it? Because a condition known as sleep apnea is a very frequent form of respiratory condition that makes people inadvertently breathe wrongly during the sleep hours, and generates the meanest of the mean reds ever.

In order to get this thing straight, a variety of specialty pillows, masks and machines is available, and can be purchased from this site at special prices. You can even get the office mate to learn if he has sleep apnea by taking a questionnaire or take a look at the plentiful articles and advice available at the site. But CpapSupplyUsa.com also sells supplies for other respiratory conditions and discomforts, including asthma and allergies, so it definitely comes in handy for a very wide audience, so go on and make something good for the world by trying to help people with mean humor detect if they have a medical problem to account for it by visiting this site; if they don’t, you can always go back to the traditional piece-of-mind-sharing, only feeling even better about yourself. CpapSupplyUsa.com

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