Disconnectere.com – Browse The Web Privately

  • December 14, 2010

Disconnectere.comDisconnect is a browser extension that you can install and use at just no cost, and that will let you surf the Web in a private way. By procuring this extension, you will be able to keep third parties and search engines for seeing the sites that you are visiting, and the searches that you are carrying out.

This is interesting, but a note of caution: many times, barring a site from accessing that information is against your best interests. For example, if you keep a site from knowing your IP then the site will fail to pinpoint your exact location. That can render many sites but unusable. More than often, turning the anonymous navigation mode of the browser on is going to do the job instead.

Still, if you want to try Disconnect all you need to know right now is that it is currently available both for Chrome and for RockMelt, the recently-launched social browser that is seeing its fair share of extensions as of late. And versions for Firefox and Safari are under development as of the time of writing this.

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Passplanhelp.com – Your Ticket To Work

  • June 24, 2008

Passplanhelp.comDo you suffer from any disability? Are you interested in social security? If that is the case, Passplanhelp.com could be of help. This site is owned by disABLEd WORKERS, a company committed to provide you with supportable information about social security. You can visit this site to find everything related to social security.

On Passplanhelp.com you can find resources and information for disabled people who are looking for job opportunities and social security benefits. The site provides useful information on social security benefits and offers a variety of help plans for disabled people. These plans give you additional money over your Social Security disability benefits.

Are you a disabled individual? Would you like to learn more about social security benefits for disabled people? Passplanhelp.com is the right site for you to visit. You can use it to find supportable information about social security insurance benefits and plans, and get some help in finding a job. Passplanhelp.com

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Disabilityresources.org – Disability Issues Support

  • June 17, 2008

Disabilityresources.orgDisabilityresources.org is the site for the Disability Resources Inc.

, a non for profit organization established to promote and improve awareness, availability, and accessibility of information that can help those with disabilities. Because everybody has the same rights, the site is committed to help disabled people with the help they need in order to learn, live, love, and play independently. What will you find in the site? You will find tons of information. There is a list of the popular pages for you to check out the most visited links. Did you know about home modification? You can find special architecture designs for those who need special treatment. Check out the latest news and updates and stay up to date by checking out Disabilityresources.org in a regular basis. Do you want to support the organization? Make just a $5 donation and cooperate. There is still more information in the site. Want to know more? Visit Disabilityresources.org. Disabilityresources.org

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