CleanScores.com – Restaurant hygiene

  • September 21, 2007

CleanScores.comWhen eating out in a restaurant, we judge the cleanliness by what we see in the dining area. We assume that if the dining area is a clean then the kitchen is clean too, and vice versa.

We would never eat in a restaurant that has cockroaches, dirty towels and raw meet being mishandled around the dining room, just because the dining room is clean does not mean the kitchen is at the same standard. Cleanscores.com has created a great site where actual health inspection ratings are posted in connection to the specific restaurants, keeping potential diners in the know. So far the site covers restaurants that have been inspected in the San Francisco area, and shows their performance graphically and points out their specific flaws. Flaws or violations are categorized into major, moderate and minor violations and listed accordingly. Information is available from past inspections although the information displayed is from the most recent one. The best score is 100 and scores below 80 are listed under “worst locations.”

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