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More – Delete Direct Messages

  • January 28, 2011

TweetWax.comTwitter still has got some way to go in terms of letting users manage their accounts as thoroughly as they might want. I mean, just look at how difficult it can be to handle all the direct messages that you have received. There is no way for wiping them all away if the fancy takes you. And that is why third party applications like Tweet Wax are released.

By using Tweet Wax, you will be able to create something comparable to a Twitter inbox. This Twitter inbox will let you see all your direct messages in an ordered way, and delete the ones that are just taking up valuable space. And if for any reason or the other you feel like erasing all of them at once, then you will be able to do that too.

Tweet Wax is a free application, and there is no need to register for the service if you want to try it out. Just sign in with your Twitter username and password when prompted to take it for a test ride.

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More – Receive Reminders Via Twitter

  • December 17, 2010

Tmemo.meTweetMemo is a reminders service which is powered by Twitter. That definition actually gives a lot away – a reminders service that is built upon Twitter has to be something flexible in itself. TweetMemo certainly is, as all that needs to be done for the system to work is send out a tweet, specifying the very same moment that you want to have it put back your way.

Tweets are sent with either @tmemo or #tmemo, and the time that has to elapse before they are sent back again is set down by adding a plus sign along with a temporal reference (IE, 1h for one hour, 45m for forty five minutes… you get the idea).

And as it is only fit, you can have private reminders scheduled. In order to do so, you must follow TweetMemo and send a direct message instead of a simple tweet. The same guidelines that were enumerated above apply – you write down the actual reminder in the body of the tweet, and set down the timeframe using the codes that were just described.

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More – Twitter Meets The Stock Market

  • June 7, 2010

TweetMyStock.comHave you ever thought what would happen if you crossed Twitter with the Stock Market? If you did, then I am sure that the result would be something pretty similar to what this site look like. It goes by the entirely apt name of Tweet My Stock, and you can use it in order to be notified when the stock price of any company rises or falls beyond a certain value.

Should that happen, a direct message will be sent out notifying you of the situation so that you can set to solving the issue (if we are talking about your own company) or take advantage of it all (if we are talking about any competitor).

There is not a lot more to add except saying that this service is free from start to finish. An account is created by merely choosing a username, an email address and a password to go with it. Alternatively, you can sign in using your Twitter credentials. The choice will be entirely yours.

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More – Ensuring Twitter Messages Are Read

  • February 4, 2010

Bccth.isAny average Twitter user updates his status several times a day. As such, it is always probable that these updates that came early will eventually be displaced and sort of become lost along the way.

That is a problem if you posted a message for a specific person to read and the person did not log into Twitter until it was much later on. Bcc This is a new service that aims to address such a shortcoming by sending the concerned individuals a note informing them that a personal update was actually posted, and could they please read it as soon as they are connected.

In practice, this notification is sent in the shape of a direct message. This has the obvious disadvantage of increasing the number of such messages that anybody will receive, and I do know people who are going to be extremely irked by that. Still, the vast majority of Twitter users will find such a functionality valuable. And the fact a Firefox plugin is provided just gives it all even more flexibility.

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More – A Free Toolkit For Twitter

  • December 22, 2009

Twetto.comI have just read a piece of news that surprised me, even though everybody knew it was bound to come: there are now more tweets than people in the world. Okay, any person who has been watching social media more or less closely was aware such a milestone was imminent.

But it still comes as a daunting one, and as a true reminder of how far we have traveled.

And judging by the release of tools like Twetto, we still have a lot of pathway ahead of us to go down. That is so because Twetto is a Twitter tool enabling you to tweet more (and better) by making the whole process a more immediate one, and one which is also a bit more automatic in places. For example, using Twetto you can send direct messages and schedule tweets with a minimum of effort. Moreover, you can find new users that could be compatible with who you are. And it is even possible to start following them automatically.

As I said above, having more tweets than people is quite a feat. And tools like this one might mean that other milestones in terms of quantity are reached sooner than expected.

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More – A Way Of Remembering Using Twitter

  • May 21, 2009

MindMeTo.comIf you are a Twitter nut, here is a new tool that you can add to your arsenal. In general terms, Mind Me To is a service which sends auto reminders using the famed micro-sharing platform.

Using it couldn’t be easier, as all you have to do is set down a reminder by tweeting adding the hashtag “@mindmeto” to your update. Note that private reminders can also be set forth. As you can imagine, this is implemented through Twitter’s direct messaging functionality.

Further options include the possibility to set your time zone along with the chance to see all the reminders you have set down so far. The way to cancel a reminder once it has been configured is likewise described on the main page. All these operations are carried out by tweeting.

Summing up, a new Twitter tool that does what other software applications do in a more direct and effortless way. Just like anything that has to do with Twitter, in fact. You can put it through its paces by visiting

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