Dinoparc.com – A Dinosaur Game

  • April 3, 2008

Dinoparc.comDinosaurs are back. It’s up to you however, to keep them alive and healthy.

Simply sign up with DinoParc and get your own Dino. The game is all about keeping your Dino alive and well in Dinoland. Each time you sign in you’ll get 200 coins. These are important because in the course of a Dino’s life, there are bound to be some serious fights and you’ll need the cash to buy items to resurrect a dead or wounded Dino. But first you have to get a Dino. You can pick from a variety of different Dinos and you’ll get to name it too. Each Dino has different abilities and skills. These will count during combat, the main feature of the game. In the fights, each Dino can choose one of five elements—fire, earth, water, thunder and air—to fight with. Whichever Dino wins gets more gold coins. Other activities include exploring, stealing, and acquiring new skills. There are also Dinoland wide tournaments and wars between Dino clans.

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