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Should You Start A Business With Or Without A Co-Founder?

Should You Start A Business With Or Without A Co-Founder?

One of the many dilemmas faced by people who want to start their own business is to find the right co-founder. If you can work only the business side of a business, you have a choice of either finding a technical co-founder or hiring an employee. If you are a technical person, you want to work with…

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Need a piece of advice? This website makes it easy for you to get one, either from your friends or from strangers. The questions which can be asked range far and wide. You can make questions about dilemmas such as “What should I do with my life?”, “Should I study Law or Medicine?” and so forth. Of course, questions such as “Who is better: XTC or Adam Ant?” and “Should I have pizza or pasta for dinner?” can be posted too if that is...

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Ever wondered if it was moral to castrate your dog, be a Bosnian dude, or exercise when you’re sick? If you’ve wondered about the morality of certain actions, you would do well to check out Moralize. Or take a peek for sheer entertainment. It’s a site that lets users pose questions and you in turn can weigh in with your two cents by deeming the quandary moral or immoral. The current crop of recent moral dilemmas are rather...

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