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More – The Merch Desk Goes Digital

  • May 29, 2007

DiscRevolt.comAny show you go to will usually have a merch desk somewhere in the back of the venue; usually they”ll have the basics, t-shirts, stickers, pins, posters, and cds, maybe even LPs. The problem there is that cd”s are quickly becoming antiquated; I mean really with all those new iPods, who wants to carry around a discman? So what do artists do? After the show their fans will probably just go to some torrent site, or Kazaa and download their favorite tracks.

With Discrevolt, there”s another means of getting the music out, and artists will get their share of the profit. Discrevolt lets artists create download cards to sell to their fans. The cards contain a unique redemption code so that music aficionados can download the music (with credits from the cards) from the Discrevolt site. Fans can also download songs from other artists with their accumulated credits. Artists can design the card art. Currently, musicians can get 20 free cards when they sign up; there”s no monthly fee and no sign up charge either.

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