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Tier 1 Apps Makes Apps Accessible to Local Businesses, Small Startups

  • August 4, 2017

These days it seems like we have an app for everything from getting a taxi to tracking your sleep to managing fertility. It’s become par for the course that people can download an app for any business they interact with – whether it’s small and local or a giant chain. And while customers love and expect apps from the places the frequent, they’re also a great idea from a business standpoint.

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More – On the Fly Digital Calling Cards

  • January 15, 2008

Hyplet.comHyplets are personalized ID badges which you can add to any website or email. There are a range of colorful templates to choose from.

You’ve got your basic IDs containing all your contact details: email address, phone number, IM usernames, Myspace handle, etc. Mini IDs are a abridged version of the basic IDs. There are Biz cards for more official uses, and there are Blogger’s Boxes for your blog. Additionally, you’ve got a wide variety of flyers for promoting your blog, for showcasing new videos and music, and for indicating items for sale. The flash based site gives you a drag and drop interface to edit your hyplets. You’re able to upload new images, add text and links. Once you’ve perfected the look of your hyplet, you can publish it to your blog or website, insert it into your emails, or post them on your profiles.

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