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The Startup Sit Down: Mike Seiman, CEO Of CPX Interactive, On Managing 2.5 Billion Ads A Day

  • July 24, 2012

Mike Seimen is the global digital ad guru that’s built his company, CPX Interactive, to a 2.5 billion ads a day machine. I sat down with the CEO to talk late 90s beginnings, getting more sleep, and how he plans to double revenue by next year, on this session of The Startup Sit Down. Hey Mike, thanks for taking the time to give us the CPX Interactive lowdown. Our KillerStartups fans are looking forward to being inspired!

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  • October 3, 2007

Emediate.euEmediate’s core business is digital advertising technology solutions and services. Core product is EmediateAd.

Emediate’s products are fast, flexible and technically advanced. offers platform independent, flexible interactive marketing products and services for advertisers and publishers. EmediateAd is a fast and flexible ad serving solution that provides Publishers and Advertisers with a complete set of online advertising delivery and management tools. This platform is either an ASP solution which requires no set-up, software, hardware or network maintenance costs, or a solution locally installed on the site client’s servers. EmediateAd has unlimited scalability to handle large volumes. Emediate offers publishers and agencies using EmediateAd an effective and timely handling of ad campaigns.

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