TweetPort.net – Read Only Important Tweets

  • July 13, 2011

TweetPort.netThere is no definitive way to lower the noise in Twitter, for the very simple reason that such a thing is an integral part of the service. By its mere nature, Twitter has to see messages from people celebrating their newest haircuts, or informing everybody and his wife what they have cooked for dinner. These things which are hardly important to the vast majority of users are part of the whole shebang. And even when there is no way to have them vanished altogether, there are applications that make for displacing them until they no longer interfere with one’s tweeting experience. This new web service is one of these.

Essentially, what TweetPort can do is to go through your Twitter feed day after day, and then compile a daily digest where everything is sorted by importance. This digest will be sent to you for as long as you are a user of the service, and it will let you get to the truly important interactions taking place on Twitter on the spot.

This service costs $ 3 per month, which is a true bargain when one thinks of the amount of time it can let him save.

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HeyAstro.com – What Is Happening Today

  • March 23, 2011

HeyAstro.comTo many of us, our days begin by checking one social service after the other along with our email inboxes and our Google calendars. That can obviously take more time than we could afford, so it comes as anything but surprising that a service like Hey Astro has been created.

Just think of it as an application that can take all of the above-described services (IE, email, social networks, calendars…) and consolidate the information that it finds there into a single email. This email be delivered to you first thing in the morning. You will learn about what your friends on the Social Web have been up to, you will learn about the news in your neighborhood, you will be notified about the coolest deals where you live, you will get a full weather report…

This service comes at no cost, and all you have to do in order to get started is to supply your email address when prompted.

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TimeToSignOff.com – The News Of The Day

  • January 20, 2011

TimeToSignOff.comTime To Sign Off is a new email service that those of you who are too busy to check all your favorite news sources will maximize for sure. Essentially, Time To Sign Off will send you a nightly email summarizing all the most remarkable news of the day that has ended, and also a quick recap of the things that you are supposed to do the next day. This includes both personal and professional activities.

Besides, Time To Sign Off can let you know about the most interesting deals that are available, and about events that could appeal to you. In that sense, this application can be regarded as a personal assistant providing you with top ideas for going out.

When all is said and done, a service like this one is more welcome than ever. People not only have less time on their hands – their attentions spans have also decreased. Email digests like the ones that this application can deliver stand as the only chance they have of truly remaining in the loop.

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1widget.com – Feature The Latest News On Your Site

  • January 29, 2010

1widget.comA service that will easily allow you to take different (and disparate) RSS and Twitter feeds and have them combined into a widget that can be placed on your website, this resource will empower you to keep your visitors engaged more directly.

No matter what you site or blog is all about, there is always something happening out there that your visitors would like to learn for sure.

This widget makes that possible, and in a cost-effective way at that.

This solution is appealing if only because it involves no programming knowledge at all. It will let you have dynamic news updated on your site at all times of day, and with zero input once you have set up the widget at the beginning.

This service is free to begin with, but it must be remarked that paid plans do exist and they come complete with the chance to customize the widget to the full (instead of using a template), as well as letting you have a widget that is updated more frequently. The most expensive package will actually let you have a widget that updates itself on an hourly basis.

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Feedera.com – The Best Of Your Feed In Your Inbox

  • January 16, 2010

Feedera.comI know that Twitter can be addictive, but it is important to draw the line somewhere. You shouldn’t spend the livelong day tweeting in and out, but if you have to owing to you occupation, (IE, marketing director of a company) you might as well get some tools in order to make it all a smoother task.

And the one I am going to introduce you to right now is interesting enough to merit a glance or two.

Named Feedera, it can be succinctly described as a personalized Twitter digest. That is, if you give this tool a try you will receive a daily digest in your inbox that showcases the best of your feed. In that way, you will start the day on the best possible foot since you will have read the content that is relevant the most without having to spend the best part of morning scouring that information manually.

Such a service is definitely interesting. If anything, it will let you save up time that can turn to be vital at the end of the day. And although I mentioned the example of people who have to undertake marketing duties, I think we will all agree this system holds something for all and sundry.

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Consumersdigest.com – Buy With Confidence

  • July 10, 2008

Consumersdigest.comThis site was developed to an only purpose: to persuade you to buy Consumers Digest. According to Consumersdigest.

com, this product will allow you to save time, save money, and buy with confidence. Consumers Digest is a magazine which is specifically dedicated to assisting consumers in their purchases. With over 47 years of experience in this area, this publication has been a reliable source of information for customers, since it identifies outstanding values in a complex and often confusing marketplace. Now, the magazine is working to extending its services to the internet. Is to that end that the publication invites you to enter Consumersdigest.com, check the magazine’s contents, and subscribe to its online version. At the homepage you will see some information about the areas covered by the magazine, which include a large and comprehensive list of products; from cars to exercise equipment, from DVD players to air conditioners. Within Consumers Digest you will find product reviews, exclusive best buy ratings, special reports, manufacturer contact information, and other features you’ll find out in this site. Consumersdigest.com

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ReadersDigest.ca – Read Articles on Different Topics

  • June 8, 2008

ReadersDigest.caSome sites are really useful since they have information about different topics. Readersdigest.

ca is one of this sites dedicated to Canadians and web visitors of other countries. In this site you will find at the home page a number of sections such as health, food, home & garden, money, games and costumer care among others. By selecting any of these sections you will be provided with articles related to the section selected. Articles providing recommendations and information about how to take care of your garden, the causes of the headaches and more are available for you to read. You have the possibility of sending these articles to a friend via mail or else print it at home. Furthermore, there is a shop where you can find CD’s, DVD’s and books which you are able to order online if you want to. Besides, if you want to subscribe in this site then you are able to do so in the corresponding section. Visit readersdigest.ca and start reading these articles. ReadersDigest.ca

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GreenFacts.org – Health and Environment Facts

  • May 5, 2008

GreenFacts.orgGreenFacts.org offers current scientific reports on health and environmental issues in order for the general public to be informed and be capable of making informed decisions in regard to these matters.

The website provides two kinds of scientific reports. The first are the GreenFacts Digests, which are summaries of a scientific consensus report produced by a panel of experts from around the world. Topics covered include sustainable development, chemical and radiation, health, food and lifestyle, climate, water resources, and much more. The second, are the GreenFacts Co-Publications which are published at the request of a contracting organization, these include either public bodies or reputable independent scientific organizations. Topics covered include sunbeds and UV radiation, nanotechnologies, tooth whiteners, and more. Visitors of the site can access any of the articles published in one of five languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch. The site also includes recent press releases, latest quotes, as well as RSS feeds, a subscription for short news texts, headlines and links. GreenFacts.org

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Travelersdigest.com – Where do you want to go?

  • April 21, 2008

Travelersdigest.comExplore the mystery, the unforgettable, the unexplored, the beauty, the rainforest, the ancient; Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Europe, South America are just some of the millions of places you could get to know. Where do you want to go? Travelersdigest.

com invites you to “Explore the world of Travelers Digest” where you can choose the kind of trip you want. So, what is it? Is it adventure, extreme, historical, romantic or rural? There are so many things you can choose from, and here there are all in one list for you to decide. Just need to select where to or what kind of trip, and your options will become a wider selection. When selected, you will have all the information you need to know, such as general information, statistics, travel guides, hotels, resorts, airlines, photos, tour operators, transportation, car rentals, travel agents, travelogues, and more particular and specific things depending on where you chose to go. Have a great trip! Travelersdigest.com

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