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If You Want To Find Resource Scheduling Zen, I’ve Got Just The Guru

I love that word, guru, not only because it’s fun to say, but it’s just cooler than “expert.” I would much rather go to a wise guru for my troubles than, say, a “specialist.” So, when I heard about, I thought, “man, if I ever have trouble with my resource scheduling this is who I would turn to.” At the moment, it’s not a pain point for me, but it is for a lot of people, and that’s why they are making the...

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Alex Bard On Startup Success Through Customer Relations

If you asked Alex Bard how to survive in the pioneering world (wide web) of startups, he would tell you to practice one very important tactic:   “Don’t worry about your competitors. Worry about your customers”   Alex’s belief in the power of customer service and support has guided him throughout his very successful Web venture career. This is his journey as a customer-obsessed investor in the startup sphere.   Founder,...

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