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  • April 16, 2009

DeepZoomPix.comDeepZoomPix (DZP for friends) is a service whereby users can share their pictures with others, benefitting from a number of inherent advantages. For example, users of the site can zoom in and out of pictures at will, without the need to navigate to higher resolution versions.

Moreover, users can have access to a large quantity of images notwithstanding the quality of the connection they have, and the whole experience is a fluid one.

When it comes to the visualization of images itself, there are many options to choose from including a calendar view that displays the picture based on the date that they were added to the database.

Furthermore, it is possible to import photographs from other sites and have them become visible to whomever you want. These “other sites” include services like Flickr and Facebook, IE the online destinations where most pictures you would be keen on sharing are parked.

This service can be freely employed until the 31st of December, 2009. Consider doing so if you are not satisfied with other image sharing options and are interested in alternative ways of sharing your preferred images with others.

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