More – Twitter Till Judgment Day

  • November 9, 2008

GoodBad.meA new Twitter mashup, this one will let you keep track of your good and bad deeds and compare them with the deeds of other in the twitterverse. This way you can easily see where you stand not only in real life like but also in the digital world.

Kept by two gentlemen from Germany named Jonathan Weiss and Thomas Metschke, you can join by following their bot @goodbadme. You must then label your deeds as “good” or “bad” by applying the relevant tag to your tweets. The summary of good and bad deeds is handled automatically once you start following, and the balance is presented to you, and as our two German friends point out you will be able to see “how Judgment Day will work out for you.”

The site comes complete with a “Top 10 Users from the realms of good and evil” which orders salient sunshine people and wrongdoers. Each one of these individuals also receives a rank, ranging from “Ned Flanders” to “Montgomery Burns” to all points in-between.

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