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  • August 29, 2007

Collectionofinspiration.comUpon first glance at Muse, you know you are in for something to tickle your senses. Muse is home to artists who share not only their work but their character.

Developed by Drew Wilson, this gallery is a showcase of art as well as the inspiration behind it. The idea is to contantly showcase new and interesting media and creators. A feed is encorporated to generate daily updates and stay up to date with new art. This site is great for non-artists to roam through, like an underground art gallery in NYC, and feel in touch with the art and its master. For artists, Muse works as a way to introduce new ideas, personal projects, and also explainations behind the work. Each artist has their own page with four sections: the review, the interview, the inspiration, and the comments. Here, there is room for artists, critics, and fans to ask questions, make criticisms, and generally discuss the art and its impact. The site is very clean and is not cluttered with ads- yet. There are multiple spaces for ads at the top and bottom of the main web page. Apparently the site is looking for some funky advertising which is actually a great idea for niche companies. Art suppliers, printers, producers, and other professionals can advertise here to reach an artsy community with a lot to share.

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