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  • November 3, 2007

Free-Codecs.comAre you looking for cheap software that helps you decode or encoding in the DV video format you have your movies in? Maybe you are looking for a way to decompress your AC3 files directly into mp3 or WMA files? Go to Free/

This website, created in 2004, provides you with an extensive listing of free decoding and encoding softwares you won’t find anywhere else. This site is divided into several categories such as Audio Codecs, Video Codecs, Codec Packs and Tools. You will be able to find everything from Quicktime alternatives, LAME mp3 encoder, Winamp, DVD converters, speech and audio codecs, FLAC compressers, WinAVI converters, software that decode ADX stream in WAV and AVI files and much more at no cost at all.

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