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How To Make The Best Decisions For Your Startup

How To Make The Best Decisions For Your Startup

I have unwittingly made some bad decisions in my 28 years on this earth, but every day I make better ones. Reflecting on this, it is clear that making the right calls, large and small, requires certain prerequisites and a thoughtful decision-making process. These considerations are especially important…

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Break The Cycle!  5 Bad Habits To Break For Entrepreneurs In 2013

Break The Cycle! 5 Bad Habits To Break For Entrepreneurs In 2013

Are you on top of your customer service issues first thing each morning? That’s a good habit! Do you put off making important decisions? That’s a bad habit and one that will definitely hurt your startup now and in the long term. Many entrepreneurs set up routines that include both good and bad habits. The most…

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Decision making is one of the most important skills in managing any company, and it’s important to have resources available to help make the best decisions possible. is designed to provide companies the technologies they need to analyze marketing and engineering data and make informed, strategic decisions. One of the best things about Altair is its global reach. With headquarters in North America, South America,...

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You can’t beat the wisdom of crowds… or can you? If so many people share the same vantage point, that must have some sort of intrinsic value. At the very least, it showcases the common representation that the vast majority of individuals have when it comes to something. Should you ever want to find the take of collective intelligence on the web, a visit to this site will not go amiss. In essence, What Does The Web Think will let you...

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A solution that has just become available to the general public as a whole, Zapproved can be best described as a set of collaborative tools that make for increasing productivity while reducing procedural complications and lowering costs. The basis of this system is using e-mail communications that document the way things are shaping up, and which are sent to every person that participates in the decision itself. These e-mails have a...

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