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  • May 13, 2008

Grida.noSadly, we are only starting to realize the depth and urgency of the planet and environment crisis, and though desperate times do call for desperate measures, it’s also true that in order to generate a true and meaningful change, more and better information is needed on these topics. Searching for a completely objective source of data is the epistemological chimera, but by visiting this site at least you can read what the UN’s specialized agency is saying: as a part of the UN’s Environment Program (UNEP), this site targets the general public and policy makers and provides extensive information, statistics, laws and research on a variety of crucial issues regarding the environment, waste, food, poverty, biodiversity and other highly relevant topics.

Students and professionals of communication/social sciences will be thrilled to find a library of documents dealing with the impact of the internet and its reach to decision-makers and society awareness. Other than being divided into environment-related topics, you can find regional highlights dealing with Africa, Eastern Europe and the Polar caskets. presents its resources and information across a variety of media: video, audio, grids and charts, downloadable documents, etc.

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