More – Pick The Best Date

  • March 9, 2011

DecideOnADate.comDecide On A Date is a new platform that makes planning group activities a complete piece of cake. By filling in a short form and providing information such as the possible dates the event could take place, the location it will be held at and its planned duration you will effectively be creating a page for people to confirm attendance. So, you will get to learn who could be there and who could never make it, and pick up the date that could work out for mostly everybody.

This is infinitely preferable to having to call people up pen in hand to see who can attend and who can not, and cross off names on a list. And make sense of it all afterwards.

And the fact that you can have your contacts imported from your address book (and categorized in different groups) simply makes Decide On A Date stand as an even more usable application.

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