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  • March 17, 2009

DecideAlready.comDecide Already is a new portal that plays out a concise role: it will let organizations and groups come to a decision as regards any issue or matter that they have to deal with. Such a tool makes sense – we all know how difficult it is to make one’s mind, and when a fair share of individuals are involved in the process chaos can easily ensue.

This can happen not only because different minds want different kinds, but also because there might be communication problems to get in the way. Imagine what is making a decision through e-mail messages when 15 different individuals are involved and it will dawn on you just how useful a tool like this one can be.

The mechanics of Decide Already are as follows. You start by asking a question and formulating possible answers, and these are forwarded by the application to all your peers and colleagues so that they can pick the best course of action from the available options. The one that gets more votes wins.

Note that there are actually three versions of Decide Already on offer. These go by the names of “Simple”, “Ranked” and “Advanced”. The “Simple” version was the one described above; the “Ranked” incarnation lets the user prioritize answers by dragging and dropping them; and the “Advanced” one includes a moderator and sliders to give ratings based on different criteria. Useful for truly complex decisions, where all participants deserve the same level of input.

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