More – Make The Right Decisions

  • October 7, 2011

Dilemmator.comNo tricky situation is hard to figure out with a little help from your friends. And when your friends aren’t around to assist you, then there are services like this one to let you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Dilemmator is a website where you can share anything that you’re having trouble coming to terms with for a community of sympathetic people to help you out.

Dilemmator is particularly suited to discussions concerning which products to buy, or which service providers to go for. On this site, you can not only ask the rest of the Dilemmator community for their insight but also read the reviews that have already been written and published by others. It all goes into letting you pick between products and companies that much easier. And Dilemmator is also great for troubleshooting – people who have bought any kind of product can count on this site to let them make the best of it.

All in all, quite a practical way to have any potentially-taxing decision smoothly dealt with. Dilemmator doesn?t lag behind other decision engines such as Deside or Cloudly in any way or the other.

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More – Ask People What They Think

  • July 16, 2011

Tumbie.comPlatforms for putting collective intelligence into motion and arrive at decisions much faster never seem to grow old. Well, that is what one has to end up thinking after sitting through Tumbie, a site that lets users ask others for help in order to make up their minds. It is a useful service in its own right, but there are so many sites that do something similar that it all feels a little reiterative at the end of the day.

Just in case you have never seen a site like this one before, what you are enabled to do here is to pose a question or dilemma for other people to opine and vote on the best course of action. In the case of Tumbie, people are not only allowed to cast a positive or negative vote but also to give an explanation (using their own words) why they voted like they did.

The site can obviously be used for free. Accounts come at no cost, and once you have got yours (the registration is over in a breeze) then you can begin asking questions and casting your vote on as many of the ones that have already been posted as you fancy.

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More – Anticipate Price Drops

  • June 22, 2011

Decide.comA very powerful shopping platform, Decide launched last week with the aim of revolutionizing how people find the best items that money can buy on the Internet. This web tool basically lets people search for products online, and receive an instant recommendation as far as the best time to buy them goes. That is, anything you look up on this site will come with either a buy now or wait recommendation. Decide uses a proprietary algorithm to determine how prices are going to fluctuate over time, and it makes a recommendation based on that. These predictions are pretty accurate, but just in case all the recommendations that Decide can produce come with a percentage indicating how sure it is that what is predicting is indeed going to play out like that in due time.

Currently, Decide is focused on products such as TVs, computers and cameras. But the service is meant to be expanded well beyond that. You will be able to get recommendations for all kind of products through the site one day. And if there is something that particularly interests you, then you can vote for it to be added as the next category to be featured on the site.

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More – Make Decisions Faster

  • June 18, 2011

BeOrNotToBe.netTo be or not to be, that is the question here my friends. No, wait… there is more to it than that. To be or not to be, or to do or not to do. Both existential dilemmas are actually answerable here. is a site in which any person who is faced with a difficult decision can ask the Internet populace for help, insight and support. He can come to the site, post it for all to see and read the feedback of those who venture an opinion after reading and weighing up the actual dilemma.

In actuality, the site only enables people to post closed questions, IE questions that can be answered either with a yes or a no. Anything that is not liable to be answered in such a way (EG positively or negatively) is excluded from the site. Which might sound a little constricting, but I think it actually makes the site gain focus. Those who come to it will always know the kind of questions that they can ask, and the ways in which these can actually be answered.

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More – Make Difficult Group Decisions

  • June 9, 2011

Tricider.comCoupling a very direct interface with a really useful service, Tricider stands as a really convenient way to get group decisions made. Basically, Tricider simplifies the making of such decisions by letting people ask every other person who is involved in them for his opinion. The site is open to questions of every nature – people who are already using it turn to Tricider in order to determine what to buy a common friend as a birthday present, where to go next Saturday to celebrate a promotion, and even where to vacation together. These are all possible uses, and they are far from being the only ones.

As a service, Tricider has the enormous advantage of being free and open to just any person who wishes to give it a try. And the fact that there is no registration process to speak of also factors in its overall appeal and usability. Just give it a try right now by clicking on the link provided below – you will see how natural and comfortable everything feels.

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More – Ask Others For Help

  • May 24, 2011

AskMyMob.comNo matter how much we think some things over, there are some decisions that we can never make when we are left to our own devices. More than often, all that we need to finally make up our minds is the approval and encouragement of others. And you know, finding others to play out that role in the decision-making process is not difficult at all as long as one can use a resource like AskMyMob.

To put it in simple words, AskMyMob is a platform for taking collective decisions. On this site, you are enabled to set down any dilemma that is giving you a hard time, and others will then tell you what they think you should do in order to get ahead. They will do so by voting on multiple different options (provided by you), and the application will take care of collecting these votes and presenting the results to you using a clear interface.

And such a process (which is uncomplicated in itself) is notably simplified since you can get the AskMyMob app for your mobile, and access all of the above services and information using your iPhone, your Blackberry or your Android phone – all three devices are supported to the same degree.

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More – Objective Product Comparisons

  • May 16, 2011

Pikimal.comThe people who have created Pikimal define it as a decision engine that lets users search for products or topics, and then have the facts and specifications of each compared side by side. That is what you will have compared here: facts and specifications, data that is objectively measurable.

Virtually everything can be compared like this, and the site has actually got enough categories as to turn carrying comparisons into something fast-enough to please even the most exigent users. Destinations, Electronics, Software, Beverages, Health & Beauty, Home Appliances… if it is anything that is bought by people with even some kind of frequency then it is bound to be listed on the site.

And when it comes to looking for anything directly, a search tool will let you ask what the best alternative for anything is. This search tool will also let you find about the best alternatives within certain price ranges – it is just a matter of keying in the amount that you are willing to fork out.

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More – Make Difficult Decisions Easy

  • May 10, 2011

Decico.comThe anxiety that used to go with the making of complex decisions is becoming a distant memory. Platforms that let us place the weight of taking any pivotal decision on others and arrive at the best course of action collectively have had that effect. And the same applies to platforms like Decico, where just anybody can input his dilemma for a decision matrix technique to supply him with a series of favorable decision alternatives.

The dynamics of this site involve little more than supplying the one decision that is vexing you for these suggestions to be produced on the spot. And once you have them, then you can download them as an Excel file, and either share them with others or proceed to modify them offline.

So, Decico can be termed a decision engine that is here to help you with mostly anything that could perplex you at any point or other of your life. It can be used for free, so I suppose you will see nothing untoward giving it a try, will you?

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More – Make Difficult Decisions

  • April 30, 2011

Azooca.comWho takes decisions on his own any longer when there are services such as Azooca available – services that make for taking collective decisions in a flash?

On just anybody can ask these questions that are keeping him from sleeping at night (or these questions he just can not figure out on his own at least), and get the help and advice of others.

That can be people who are real fountains of knowledge, and also people who are not really that sagacious but who are kind enough to read the dilemma at hand and volunteer their opinions. It depends on what you have actually asked, but I suppose that having as many perspectives as possible can but help you decide much faster in the end

In order to use Azooca, you will have to login via Twitter or Facebook first, which makes sense – that will let you bring your social graph along for the ride, in a direct and completely effortless way.

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More – Find Alternatives To Everything

  • April 29, 2011 is a search engine for alternatives. This site makes it supremely easy to submit the name of any item, and see how that fares when placed against comparable products. For example, if you are thinking about buying a smartphone (say, an iPhone) then you can have that placed in perspective by merely entering its name on the provided search box. The system will automatically produce a full comparison with these other smartphones that are a patch on it, so that you will be able to make a much better-informed choice.

And this applies to just anything – rock and roll bands, cars, holiday destinations… you can have all such concepts readily compared and contrasted. In all cases, we are talking about a site which is free to use.

And it can also be used without registering first. Accounts are only needed for those who want to access the full service, and create alternatives for others to weigh up. But if all you want to do is to perform some quick searches, then there is nothing standing in the way

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More – Decide More Easily

  • March 16, 2011

Wrangl.comWrangl lets users create a graphical representation of the two sides of any argument, and weigh everything up more wisely. The way this site works, all that has to be done is to set down the dilemma at hand to let people cast their votes. All the votes that are received are graphed, and the one who created the argument will be able to make up his mind far more easily when the time comes.

Naturally, a Wrangl poll can be embedded just anywhere the user wants – his own blog, his site, a social profile… in short: wherever he knows that people who are receptive (and who will venture an opinion) can be found

A service like Wrangl can be used to decide on just anything – whether to paint the kitchen walls pink or blue, whether to buy a new or a used car, whether to holiday on the West or the East Coast… it all can be asked through this service. And the chances of (at least) some answers coming through are right there.

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More – Pick The Best Date

  • March 9, 2011

DecideOnADate.comDecide On A Date is a new platform that makes planning group activities a complete piece of cake. By filling in a short form and providing information such as the possible dates the event could take place, the location it will be held at and its planned duration you will effectively be creating a page for people to confirm attendance. So, you will get to learn who could be there and who could never make it, and pick up the date that could work out for mostly everybody.

This is infinitely preferable to having to call people up pen in hand to see who can attend and who can not, and cross off names on a list. And make sense of it all afterwards.

And the fact that you can have your contacts imported from your address book (and categorized in different groups) simply makes Decide On A Date stand as an even more usable application.

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More – Compare Options Side By Side

  • February 7, 2011

FindTheBest.comThis site is bound to save the day when having to make an important decision threatens to wear you down. On Find The Best, you will be able to have options compared side by side. And we are talking about comparing just anything, in any context. You can have hotels compared based on their number of rooms, or the proximity to any important venue or location.

That is very useful, but it is the provided interface what keeps things definitely hinged. You will be able to make superlative comparisons in the blink of an eye, and (when we are talking about a lot of statistical data) see everything in clear, relatable charts.

The data itself comes straight from the government and other reputable sources, and the site has an editorial team that processes everything to ensure there are no overlaps, and that queries always meet with relevant answers.

If you want to see how the above translates into practice, then know that the homepage features a list of top comparisons for you to check out and test the accuracy of the whole service when it comes to key topics.

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More – Voting & Picking The Best Option Out

  • August 22, 2010

LetsVoteNow.comHow do you reach a consensus with your friends when you are not all in the same physical place? That is, if you want to go watch a movie later on but you can’t decide on which one, how do you settle the argument? The one and only thing to do in such a case would be to have everybody cast his own vote. But that might be tricky since messages would have to send back and forth, votes would have to be calculated, more messages would ensue.

.. Well, not any longer. Let’s Vote Now is a new web-based system that will let you vote on anything that you have to decide with your friends, and have the results clearly displayed in front of your very eyes.

Using this system, you can do quick email votes and decide on everything from which movie to watch to what to eat and where. All you have to do is pick the topic, the type of votes that will be allowed, the deadline and set the individual voters for the whole process to be launched.

It’s as easy as that. The only explanation that is in order is the actual types of votes that can be cast. These can be plain “Yes or No” votes or multiple choice votes. Which is going to be used will depend on the nature of the actual item being voted, of course.

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More – Make Your Mind With Help From Others

  • March 5, 2010

Choosebean.comThis resource will be extra useful for those who always have difficulty making decisions. Come to think of it, that describes most of us at one time or other during the day.

Well, this website aims to let anybody make up is mind by asking others for help. Users simply have to post their predicaments, and then other members of the community will start offering their own insight by picking from the options that you will supply when you are posing the question itself.

The site is made up of two main sections: one in which you are allowed to ask for help (aptly named “Ask The World”), and one in which you can browse through the doubts that have been posted by others. In that way, if you feel charitable and/or knowledgeable enough you can head straight there in order to start lending a hand.

Signing up is easy and free, but it is worth stressing that you don’t actually have to go through the registration process if you don’t want to – Facebook Connect is supported, so that means the vast majority of you will be able to waltz in if they feel like giving it a go.

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More – Find Movies Worth Your Time

  • March 2, 2010

MovieOrWhat.comThe way movies are promoted right now, and the role social media plays when it comes to conveying the first impression that a movie has caused effectively mean it is not difficult to know which movies are showing, and which of these movies are actually worth it. For example, we all knew to keep our distance from “Bruno” just a couple of minutes after the premiere had ended, and we knew that “District 9” was a special piece of filmmaking from day one.

Still, sites like “Should I Watch That Movie Or What?” do not go amiss. In principle, what the site does is to gather the votes of moviegoers to let you know if any of the latest movies to premiere will be a potential “Avatar” killer in terms of gross net or if the director should have his/her license taken away.

The way it all works requires that a minimum number of votes had been cast in order for the movie to be recommended or not, IE if only two folks ventured their opinions and gave a movie a thumbs-up or a vote of rejection that won’t mean the movie will be recommended or dismissed there and then. That will only happen when more votes have been put forward.

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More – A Way Of Finding The Best Gadgets

  • October 28, 2009

Measy.comSo many gadgets see release every day that even the famed Inspector that went by the same name would have trouble discerning which one to get his hands on. If you are facing the very same dilemma, the Measy website might just as well be your own way out of the consumer’s maze.

Basically, it is an online resource where you can find out which gadget from the ones found at retailers will satisfy you the most. Through the site, then, finding out which digital camera, notebook or HDTV to buy becomes an experience akin to having a knowledgeable salesperson besides you – and a neutral one at that.

The search and comparison process works by answering a short quiz and then weighing up the results that are produced. This quiz features the following items among others: “My budgets is about…”, “How important is size?”, “How important is brand?”, “How important is ease of use”… you get the idea.

It is all very supple. Such a service dispenses with the niggle of manual comparison, and you can virtually arrive at the perfect gadget for you and your wallet in a matter of minutes, probably less. But don’t just take my word, give the site a whirl and see what comes up.

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More – A Decision Engine

  • September 24, 2009

Goby.comGoby is a new search engine. Actually, the best denomination for it would be a “decision engine”, because it lets you carry out very specific searches – searches that revolve around things to do.

The idea is that by using Goby you will make up your mind when you don’t really know what to do or where to head to.

There are three main input boxes. These read “What would you like to do?”, “Where?” and “When?”. A nice touch is that in addition to keying in the relevant criteria you can turn the boxes into drop down menus and have an instant list of suggestions. Those who are as undecided as Dawson and Joey from “Dawson’s Creek” will find it ultra useful, no doubt.

Once that information has been supplied, you simply hit the button labeled “search” and see what suggestions materialize. Easy and fast. I feel it is safe to say that if you feel like creating your own adventure but are utterly short on inspiration, a visit to Goby is a good start towards achieving your goal indeed.

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More – Whose Twurn Is It?

  • June 26, 2009

Twurn.comAnd yet another Twitter application hits the spotlights! This is a new and entertaining application that was designed with the purpose to help people resolve some potential conflicts. What kid of conflicts? The problems that can arise from the most innocent things going on life. For instance if it is not clear who has to make the coffee or anything like that this solution will send tweets that help users to have everything clear.

How does it work? Simply by sending random tweets to decide who the person that was “twurn” to do something is. The system is truly random and that is important because it gives you the security you need so others do not cheat on you. The only thing you have to do is to enter a task along with the names for the pool of challengers and the system is going to work it out.

If you have a Twitter account you do not have to register because you can use it in order to operate on Twurn account. In case you do not have a Twitter account you can create your Twurn without logging in. However you will not get a tweet due to the fact that only tweeted Twurns are “Official”. Simple, easy, and straightforward, this solution will help you and your friends to know who was selected to perform different tasks.

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More – Giving You The Trading Edge

  • June 22, 2009

TraderBots.comWhen it comes to investing your money or managing your portfolio, it is always good to have a group of highly qualified professionals that give you the best results maximizing your assets performance. Nowadays, the economical crisis makes increasingly necessary to be highly adaptable to the changing markets, in order to make more money.

Trader Bots is a solution that makes it easier for you and many other people that want to maximize their finances to be able to make an accurate stock analysis with the use of sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence. In this way you will be allowed to make the right trading decisions, based on unbiased information. All the date you will find on this site is secure and gives you the chance to trade with the education and confidence you need to make better decisions.

On this site you will find two main services that are going to be useful for you like Individual Stock Predictions, in case you are a beginner and Trading Systems if you are an advanced investor. You can use this solution and make more money you by typing a stock ticker symbol in the “Analyze Stock” search box. In that way you will get a prediction on the stock you want to know about easily and fast.

You can get many services you will enjoy with detailed information about them, and you should stop by the site in order to learn more about it.

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