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More – Create A Decentralized Social Network

  • January 23, 2011

NoseRub.comNoseRub is one of the many alternatives that there are for creating a social network of your very own. In this particular case, we are talking about a protocol that can be used for coming up with what is essentially a decentralized network. That is, it can take care of bringing different networks together, without depending of a single server to coordinate everything.

This has the advantage of letting users bring social sites that have a specific appeal together. For example, a user of NoseRub can aggregate networks that are mainly focused on the sharing of images with those in which his old classmates tend to interact.

And users are also allowed to install NoseRub on their own servers, and then have these connected with all other servers out there. In practice, this means that the user will keep his personal data on his own server, and then connect to other servers in order to interact with his friends and acquaintances.

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