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  • February 12, 2008

December.comDecember Communications, is a communications company that offers online publications which are related to Internet use, reference, development, and understanding. The company aims to deliver timeless power of connection to customers.

The site is divided into different categories to make your search easier and to narrow it down all categories are also subdivided. Those categories and subcategories mentioned before are encounter: book notes, color blowout, social networking sites; search: the web, yellow pages, places; master: html station, web development, live simple; learn: internet web text, unix station; understand: cmc, presentations; discover: places, people; uncover: top of the web, bus, comp, edu, ent, gov, health, hum, net, internet tools, net spaces, net video; exchange: the market, amazon, dating, intelligence, freelance, jobs, rentals, the geek, collection and employment.

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