More – Patients helping Patients

  • February 24, 2008

PatientsLikeMe.comIt’s been repeatedly stressed by those who take a close look to the problems of healthcare, that the mother of all evils in miscommunication, which takes different forms and faces: sometimes it’s doctors who don’t have enough time to chat with their patients, sometimes it’s that highly specialized researchers don’t know what colleagues are up to and so they lose time trying to figure out things that’s already been set, partly it’s the mammoth-like paperwork: the list is never-ending. The only sure thing is that it’s patients the ones who are suffering the illnesses and are not being relieved of their sufferings, and so the internet has come up with a solution for all these woes: Social Networking. is a platform for people (and their families and caretakers) to join in order to keep track of the symptoms, feelings, treatments, and general evolution of the illness in question. Each patient gets several charts where to map if symptoms have gotten better or worse, how their height and weight has varied, and what mix of drugs and dosages have been taking at each step of the way. All this is done with the hope that people will share their experiences and relative knowledge of their conditions, with people that are going through the same things as you are.

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